Motion Blurs are Awesome Who knew?! Lol 😂

Arboretum in Madison.
2015 - My first attempt with motion blurs during a Fine Art Photography class online. Really opened my eyes! Super creative. Possibilities are endless. Especially with Photoshop.
2015 - More first attempts handheld, standing. Using 1/15 to 1/25. Some even had a ghostly appearance. Side-to-side motion, and circular spinning the camera, which was super fun.
Carvers Roehl Park
This led to using the car to cause the motion. So while Phil drove around country roads, I tried to shoot pics.
Some turned out pretty cool. I must admit, it can be frustrating' but a lot of the pics were so interesting. Very exciting.
Every bump and turn in the road made an interesting zig or zap, or blur line in the photo. I liked that part.
One of our favorite barn photos.
Motion blur drive by. Really made this look very Texas Chainsaw. Awesome.
This one was pretty cool from Olbreich in Madison. Reminds me of canvas..
Arboretum in Madison.
Fall colors were perfect for blurs.
Rice Lake, Whitewater
It was also fun experimenting with other cameras as well. Different results. This photo below is of a Willow tree at Rotary.
Great lines with a little hook at the end.
Then it was fun to use Photoshop to create the blur. Below are two sunrise photos, and a beach shot. I love what the effect on the waves produced.
Then I tried experimenting with different speeds and different subjects.
Love the bottles!!! 😀
The wind produced some beautiful effects also.
Rotary pier.

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