CBC Wrestling Whats happening on the mat

Coached by Ken Prophete
The sport of wrestling can most easily be explained as a dual between two teams of men in ten different weight classes working to earn points by performing various moves throughout his match. If a wrestler wins his match by seven points or less the team gets three points. If he wins by 8-14 the team gets four points. If he is winning by 15 or more it is considered a "tech fall," similar to a mercy rule, earning the team five points. If he gets a pin or a forfeit the team gets six points. The team with the most points in the end, wins.
Like any sporting event, you have the playing of the National Anthem.
Before the dual can start, both teams are announced and line up on either side of the mat. Then each weight class is called and the wrestlers in those weight classes shake hands in the center. The wrestlers without an opponent must still walk to the middle when announced.
Each weight class (125, 133, 141, 149, 157, 165, 174, 184, 197, 285lbs) has a match of three periods. The first period is three minutes long, the second and third are two minutes.

After all announcing is finished the team captains from each school meet in the center of the mat for the coin toss which decides who chooses the starting position of the second period. Neutral, top, bottom or defer (wrestler can give the choice to his opponent).

Starting positions from the view of CBC. Neutral (top left), Top (bottom left) & Bottom (right)
How do you score points?

By takedown, worth two points. One wrestler takes the other from their feet..

..to on top but must be behind with control.

The on top wrestler can score points by turning their opponent on their back. If they are held for two seconds they earn two points and if four seconds, four points.
If both shoulders are secure on the mat is it considered a "fall" and the bottom wrestler can score one point for an escape (from bottom to feet)

Points can also be scored by reversal. Wrestler goes from being on bottom..

..to on top of his opponent, earning two points.

A pin happens when the on top wrestler has both of the bottom wrestler's shoulders and back secured on the mat. If there is a pin that match is over and the on top wrestler wins regardless of score.

A forfeit is when a wrestler fails to show up for his match. To receive his points, the present wrestler must be properly dressed and come to the center of the mat to have his arm raised in victory.
Coaches and wrestlers shake hands after the last match.

The Mustangs finished this dual with a score of 36-12 taking a loss to Hannibal-LaGrange University.

After they change, the wrestlers have to roll up the mat on to tubes and carry them up the bleachers.
We're getting better day in and day out. The rest of the season is very promising! - Coach Prophete

Wrestling is one of those sports that gets overlooked simply because its different. Not many students even know that it is offered at CBC, putting a real damper on the support system behind the men of the team. We've heard the term around campus that "all sports matter" yet still every sport is not shown the same backing as say volleyball or basketball, even though they are preformed in the exact same gym as wrestling. While payers of every sport need their own internal motivation, having your peers there to cheer you own can be a huge game changer. As students of such a small institution we must remember that we are all we have and every fan makes a difference. Show your school spirit. God Bless and Go Mustangs!

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