Waves By: Lars ek


Wavelength and Frequency. The greater the wavelength the less the frequency of the wave is. This is because the frequency is how many waves pass a given point in a certain amount of time. If the wavelength is greater the waves are longer so less will pass the point.

Every wave on the Electromagnetic spectrum had a specific wavelength and frequency. The Radio waves have the longest wavelength and the Gamma Rays have the shortest wavelength. This means that the Gamma rays would have the highest frequency and the Radio waves would have the lowest frequency.

Radio Waves: Radio Waves have the longest wavelengths and lowest frequency of all the electromagnetic waves. The wavelengths can be from 19 cm long the diameter of earth long.

Microwaves: Microwaves are considered radio waves. They have the shortest wavelengths and highest frequency of the radio waves. The wavelengths can be from 1 mm to 30 cm.

Infrared Waves: Infrared waves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths shorter than those of radio waves. The heat that the human eye cannot see is infrared waves. The wavelengths are from 760 NM to 1 million NM long. Infrared waves are created from anything that creates heat, even humans and animals. They are used in Night Vision goggles, Infrared Cameras, Remotes.

Visible Light Waves: Visible light waves are the only waves that humans can see. Visible light that looks white is actually all of the colors mixed to make it. The visible light waves with the longest wavelengths are red and the one with the shortest wavelengths are violet.

Ultraviolet Rays: Ultraviolet Rays are waves with wavelengths a little shorter than visible light. The energy amount in Ultraviolet rays is enough to damage or kill living cells. Ultraviolet waves can also be good for you. They contain vitamin D and a little of this is good for your skin.

X-Rays: X-Rays have wavelengths just shorter than the wavelengths of Ultraviolet Rays. X-Rays have a high amount of energy and can penetrate most matter. Dense matter like bone or lead does not let X-Rays pass through it, hence getting an X-Ray your broken arm.

Gamma Rays: Waves with the shortest wavelengths and highest frequency's of all the electromagnetic waves. They are them most penetrating of all the electromagnetic waves. Gamma rays are dangerous but can be put to good use.

Wave Uses

Radio Waves: Used to transmit radio and television programs.

Microwaves: Used in microwave ovens to heat food.

Infrared Waves: Used in TV remote also in heat lamps.

Visible Light: Our eyes see colors when we look at anything. This is visible light reflecting into our eyes.

Ultraviolet Rays: Used in UV lamps that have many uses. Also used in pills to give Vitamin D.

X-Rays: Used when examining medically. Also used to cure cancer and explore space and earth.

Gamma Rays: Used in medicine to treat internal organs. Also used to kill cancer cells, to make medical equipment and in radioactive tracers.

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