Tour of the Harn Aaron Prohaska

Medium of the Art

This is Monet's Champ d'avoine, which means oat field. I spent the most time looking at this painting while on my tour. I have always had an appreciation for Monet paintings. I have seen a few and they always have the same impression on me. As I approach the painting from a distance I look and notice a picture, this one being a landscape of an oat field. then I read the side note of the painting. this is where I learn the background of the photo and the time frame of it. Then I get close it the painting. I start to notice all of the different stroeks and colors that do not blend on the canvas. I start to appreciate how much effort and time was spent to paint this impressionist painting. The way Monet painted this painting draws my eyes to every little stoke that there is on the canvas. It makes it hard to try and take in the whole painting while up close, but far away it seemed so easy to take in. seeing this artwork makes we feel relaxed and calm, I believe it has to do with all of the little strokes that are apart of the painting and looking at each individual one calms me.

Design of the Museum

This is the Meant to be shared exhibit. This particular exhibit was appealing to me as soon as I walked in. The lightly tinted orange walls was the first appealing aspect to me. This is a collection of European prints, the orange walls reflect the black and white prints in a very appealing way. Also the bright lights centered onto different parts of the wall and the floor help create this orange tint that reflect off the prints that draws your eyes to them. Lastly, the wood floors, with the light reflected off of them continues the light orange theme. All in all this whole exhibit was appealing to me and was hard to leave.

Art and Core Values

This is my friend and I, Alex. This artwork is Untitled and made by David Greenbaum. this artwork was very different from all of the other pieces because it was not painted of anything, it was a garden. It was a small outside space that you could only view by through these glass windows and door. This piece spoke to my core values more than any other piece because it reminded my of freedom and piece. The nature in it reminded myself of an area back home in the woods where I would spend time to relax and enjoy nature. This piece speaks to me the same way those woods did. It reminded me of how I long for nature and to explore.

Art and the Good Life

This was a set of two pieces of art that went together. It was drawn by Giovanni Antonio Canal, the left drawing is called S.a Giustina in pra della Vale and on the right, Pra della Valle. these two paintings reminded me of the theme, Seeking the goodlife. This is because as you get closer to the painting and start to observe the very detailed people within the landscape, I started to notice that each person seems to be seeking the goodlife. Some people in the painting were trading goods, trying to buy the best thing for their family. Others were riding horses, one particular group was a father and a son, there attitude was happy. The father was bringing joy to the son on this horse. His idea of seeking the goodlfie must mean that he wanted to spend time with his son and bring joy to him. By looking at all of the people in this piece I questioned what I was doing at the moment to try and seek the goodlife.

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