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Build authentic assessments and don't solely relying on traditional exams alone. Foster academic ownership in your classrooms so they wont want to cheat!

Traditional Vs. Authentic Assessment

Traditional Assessments

Traditional assessments are conventional methods of testing with multiple-choice, true or false or matching type test questions.

Examples: True or False, multiple choice tests, standardized tests

Advantages of Traditional Assessment Over Authentic Assessment

Easy to score; Faculty can evaluate students quickly and easily; They take less time and easier to prepare; easy to administer.

Disadvantages of Traditional Assessment

  • Gives teachers with just a glimpse of what the students have truly learned
  • Students have limited options to demonstrate what they have learned
  • Tends to be teacher-structured: thus teachers direct and act as sole evaluators
  • Students only answer the assessment tool that was created by the teacher.

Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessments lead to Academic Ownership

Authentic assessments refer to assessments in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of what they have learned. Authentic learning tends to build community and ownership within the classroom.

Examples: demonstrations, hands-on experiments, multi-modal presentations, roleplay

Disadvantages of Authentic Assessment

These are harder to evaluate; they can be time consuming; much less economical

Resources to Drive Authentic Assignments

Advantages of Authentic Assessment Over Traditional Assessment

  • Provides teachers with the true picture of how and where their students are in their learning.
  • Allows students to utilize multimedia (imagery, sound, video) to enhance their learning outcomes.
  • Allows for active student ownership in the development of their learning outcomes.
21st Century Learning Requires 21st Century Tools
Have students post video discussions recorded with mobile device describing their work.


Peer to Peer Teaching Tutorials; Streaming/Recording Video Blogs; Virtual Lightning Talks; Teach the Teacher

Utilize Multimedia to convey and elevate assignments


How to Avoid Cheating in Multimedia Projects

  • Google Search by Image
  • YouTube will remove copyrighted content
  • TIP: It's hard to cheat when the student has to record themselves performing a task.

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