4B#23 Enasha Speller My Ellis Island Adveture

My name is Delilah. In 1924 I went on a trip. I went on first class because my family was very rich. We had to get to dock first, we went there by train. Then we arrived at the harbor, it was very beautiful when I saw the ocean. My family boarded the ship, then we set sail to America. I was very excited, I couldn't wait to see America. The trip went across the Atlantic ocean, the trip lasted 2 weeks. I was eating dinner on the trip, and I asked them if their parents took them on the Ellis island trip several times, and they said no. I couldn't believe that they have never been on the trip to Ellis island. Next thing you know my parents told me it was time for bed. I didn't, I couldn't wait to see America, so I tip- toed around the ship like a bandit trying to steal something from someone. I was almost caught, but they didn't see me. It was Sunday and I went back to my bed and I fell asleep faster than a sleeping turtle. I woke up and I couldn't believe what I saw when I woke up I walked to the front of the ship, and I saw something amazing, I saw the Statue of Liberty. I started to cry and I went and saw my parents, and I hugged them so tight, because I couldn't believe that we were in America. So we got of the ship when we got to the harbor. We had to go to the Registry room. They checked our eyes for Trachoma with Button Hooks. I was very scared when I was next. They asked my family 20 questions. It took a long time. I was very board. Now I live in St.Louis, Missouri. I was really happy that we finally arrived in America.

This is a map of Europe

Facts on the Statue Of Liberty

1. The Statue of Liberty sands in the New York Harbor.

2. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from France.

3. It's modeled after Libertas the Roman Godest.

4. The Statue wears a crown of 7 rays.

Ellis Island Interactive Tour

BrainPopJr Statue of Liberty

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