"Hi I'm Jeff" "And I have been stuck in this water storage for 300 years and 100 years ago my mom and dad left." "But before they left they told me that there was a thing called a water cycle." "I don't know what it is but they told me that they were going to a body of water."

Suddenly a bunch of water droplets rushed by me.So I followed."Wow" I exclaimed "Where am I?" "In a lake" a fish explained. "Oh" Jeff said with a smile "Wow your as big as a Bambiraptor"Jeff exclaimed.

He stayed there for 400 more years. "Bye everyone," Jeff yelled as a current pulled him to a larger body of water.

And all of the sudden he was face to face with a shark!!!!!! "Ahhhhhhhh"he screamed. He swam until he started to float.

"What is happening?" he exclaimed "Your evaporating!" a voice explained. "Who was that?" Jeff asked. "Me" a cloud said.

He stayed in the cloud for 10 years and fell he was precipitating "Ahhhhh" he screamed. Splash!!!!!!!!

He was in the ocean again. "Wow" Jeff thought. All of the sudden a giant fish gulped him up. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Jeff screamed as he fell down the throat.

The next thing he knows he is next to a turtle. "This is cool" Jeff whispered to himself. "Just where am I?" "In a reef," the turtle explained.

4000 years later he was pulled into the ground and found his mom (the yellow one) and dad (the green one).


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