Project 6: The Masters Done by: NathaN hartkemeyer

Preparation Phase:

The build:

The purpose of this build was to make a robot that had a arm that could swing similar to how a golfer does in a golfing match. I took up this challenge by mounting a arm on the side of a build that is similar to one that I have built previously.


The Code:

Driver Code
7 Iron

The purpose of these codes were to create a way so that the robot could adapt its shots depending on what situation it finds itself in.



The code for this robot was extremely easy and I think my success was due to the previous experience that I have attained from past projects. The build was slightly sloppy but I got the job done. Overall I believe that my scores would show that I was relatively successful on my scoring (4,4,6,8).


Created with images by tpsdave - "tiger woods golf golfer"

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