2017 - A New Year Updates and going forward

As we jump head first into the new year, let's review some changes and things to remember.

Let's discuss!

Contact jamie@freshco.ca to set up an in-office meeting to discuss the exciting things coming in 2017.

We are happy to announce the addition of Sean Toyota and Adam Cannell to the Freshco Office team!

As Construction Managers, they will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • On-site quality control.
  • Leading contractor training initiative.
  • Helping develop the "Contractor Skill Tree" (see next slide).
  • Ensure on-site crews are following Health & Safety requirements.
  • Providing knowledge and support to site leads and on-site crews.
  • Providing knowledge and support to Project Managers, Project Analysts and the Sourcing & Procurement team.

Intuitive Skill Tree

Our business development team is in the process of constructing an in-depth database to help us track each contractors skills and knowledge.

Our goal in creating this system is to achieve the following:

  • Provide ease in monitoring individual growth.
  • Ensure fair and transparent rates are being established based on skill and experience.
  • Eliminate confusion regarding expectations.
  • Provide clear guidance on how to increase your value to Freshco and in turn increase your hourly rate.

Once finished, we will require an in-person meeting with each of you so that you can show off your skills and knowledge to us!

In-office changes

If you have visited us in the office over the past couple months you will have noticed that we have some new members of our team and that roles have been changing. I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new office staff and give you a quick run down on everyones roles within the office following the restructuring.

New Staff

  • Project Managers - Victoria Soares and Joseph Angelo
  • Project Analyst - Tristan Kerr
  • Sourcing & Procurement Coordinator - Sanchia Bartley

Please take a look through this organizational chart (below) to help give you an understanding of what your support team looks like. If you have any specific questions regarding our office roles, please prepare them for our meeting or fire us an email.


Safety Procedures

Always be mindful of safety. Be sure to be aware of any unsafe/hazardous working conditions. We value your health and safety over anything. If you see something, don't be afraid to mention it. You can always confide confidentially to your Project Manager.

It is mandatory to have both Freshco's and Home Depot's Health & Safety documents signed and returned to Jamie.

Warehouse Etiquette

  • Leave warehouse pathways clear of materials/debris. This is a safety concern and a nuisance for people needing to navigate the warehouse.
  • Arrange pick-up and drop-off locations with your Project Manager.
  • Clean up after any work at Freshco. This includes emptying shop cavs, disposing of garbage, putting tools/materials back when finished.

This is everyone's space, let's keep it clean.

Site Lead Updates

Remember, most clients require updates first thing in the morning. It is extremely important that the site lead provides a detailed report of the night's progress via e-mail update paired with numerous photos.

There is no such thing as too many photos
  • Take photos throughout the night to show progress in stages.
  • Remember our clients will be seeing these photos. Are there competitor products on site? Is everyone in Freshco attire? Is everyone wearing proper safety equipment?
  • Review your surroundings before taking your photos.
  • Compile your photos and update together in an update and send to your Project Manager at the end of the shift or prior to 8 a.m.
  • Send hours logged for all techs on-site (including yourself) to Project Manager for forecasting and summaries.
  • Include material requests/information to your Project Manager to help keep the warehouse uncluttered.
  • ANY MATERIALS/TOOLS left in a vehicle MUST be included in your update.
  • Please call your Project Manager should you have any questions about updates.

Send updates to Project Manager and copy projects@freshco.ca


We have decided to change our KM rate for our contractors to help further compensate vehicle and travel expenses. Please see below:

  • Per KM rate is being changed from $0.35/km one way to $0.25 BOTH WAYS
  • This fee can be charged whenever you are using your own vehicle to get to and from a job site.
  • Exclusions of this rate would happen if you are driving to Freshco to pick up and use a Freshco vehicle for your shift.
  • For any jobs that require extensive travel - over 2.5 hours (Ottawa, Sudbury, etc.) you may charge a travel rate of $20/hr for your time in your vehicle. - If your hourly rate is below $20/hr you will be paid your standard rate and not an increased rate.


  • If Bob drives from his house directly to a job site and then home, he can charge KM both ways.
  • If Bob drives from his house to Freshco to pick up materials and then continues to a job site he can charge KMs for the entire trip.
  • If Bob drives from his house to Freshco to pick up a Freshco vehicle he may NOT charge for any KMs.
  • If Bob drives from his house to Freshco to carpool to a job site in a Freshco vehicle he may NOT charge for any KMs.
  • If Bob drives from his house to Freshco to carpool to a job site in another contractor's vehicle, he may charge KM’s from his house to Freshco and then from Freshco back to his house.

Freshco Vehicles

  • Ensure to communicate with Project Managers regarding vehicle scheduling.
  • Always fill out the vehicle log to track usage, KM, project information, etc.
  • Do not park vehicles in front of bay doors (leave room for deliveries).
  • Empty out the vehicle after each use (unless otherwise specified by Project Manager).
  • Vehicles are not to be left dirty. Clean out all garbage and belongings when finished each night.
  • Fuel should be refuelled back to original state once vehicle use is complete.
  • Always spot check vehicle before any use, make note in log of any damages.
  • Always check for loose items in the vehicle bed to avoid damages during transit.

These are everyone's vehicles. Please be courteous during use.

Vehicle Rentals/PENSKE

  • Do not park vehicles in front of bay doors (leave room for deliveries).
  • All vehicle rentals belong to the renter (Project Manager) meaning any use must be authorized by them.
  • Always perform a spot check of the vehicle before operating.
  • Always check the storage bed for any loose items that may be damaged during transit.
  • Ensure gas is full prior to returning.
  • Ensure there are no belongings left in vehicle before returning.


  • If you are parkng your vehicle at Freshco for an extended period of time, please leave your vehicle keys with your Project Manager.
  • If you are parking your vehicle at Freshco for an extended period of time, please park your vehicle safely around the rear of the building to allow staff and clients to use the front spaces.
  • Please let your Project Manager know if you plan on leaving your vehicle for an extended period of time so we may arrange a safe stow.

Tools and Materials

  • Return any unused materials rather than storing in the warehouse.
  • Do not leave random items unaccounted for.
  • All materials used during projects should be accounted for in your project updates. This will help the warehouse team keep the area safe and clear.
  • Use your Project Manager as your point-of-contact for any issues with materials/tools.
  • Copy in procurement into any emails regarding warehouse materials/tools.
  • Use your allocated warehouse area/shelf for storing of any unused products and notify your PM/Sourcing & Procurement.
  • Avoid a surplus of material - take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our new layout and be sure to coordinate with the office team regarding new material/tool purchases.

Receipts and Invoices

  • Receipts must be submitted within 48 hours of project completion.
  • Original receipts must be submitted.
  • Invoices will be processed the day they are received.
  • If any invoice is revised, terms will begin on the date of revision.
  • Get into a habit of alloting time every week to keep up on invoicing. The sooner we receive your invoices, the sooner we can process them.
  • Mark each receipt with the respective job number and keep them organized by job.

Freshco Uniforms

  • Technicians should always be in Freshco attire.
  • Speak to the Sourcing & Procurement department for information on inventory and ordering processing.
  • Any tech/contractor not in Freshco attire may be asked to leave site.
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