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Hi Kenyatta!

I hope you're well! What I do when I get an interested customer is review their brand and create a detailed proposal based on our first meeting, the analysis of the brand and advice on how we can work together to create a cohesive brand that serves your needs and helps you win big! My


First impressions are everything!

Your doorway into consumer engagement is through your products! Currently your site buries the product in packaging, packing materials and behind words. What you want to do is bring the product, labels and packaging forward in an beautiful and clean way.

Below are some samples of the way you can showcase packaging in a light, minimal yet beautiful way. My Sweet Skin is a vegan brand--which means the strength is in the ingredients. Let's bring those raw materials "out of the jar" and on the table--but without giving away your all secrets.

The photo below is from a brand called Frank body: I love how they smear the actual product onto the flat-lay next to the package it comes in. This is great for a product line like yours! This approach lets people see the product before purchasing! A brilliant idea since your packaging and labeling hides the product. We can play a bit with textiles, ingredients and packaging to create something different here!

Put your product to work!

One of the best things you can do for your brand is put the product on actual skin and show it off! After all, you have the word "skin" right there in your brand name.

A touch point is any entry way into your brand. Anytime a person touches your brand be it your social media or the packaging in your product, you want to make sure that touch point is memorable! One false move (a misspelled word, a crooked label) and your touchpoint immediately loses value.

Your product descriptions boasts a "spa in the bathroom" experience. Let's hit home that you can get spa level results without leaving their home. For example, let people see what skin textures look like before and after a scrub.

With brands being held accountable now more than ever for making good on their product, transparency is KEY. My advice is to be transparent, get up close and REAL personal. Move skin forward on your physical site and social media! Let people see either your product or the results of your product when they first interact with you.


( we can work out a monthly rate if you're interested in contacting).

Cost includes: creative direction, photographing all products, 3 - 5 edits of each product, and 3 - 5 edits of raw materials associated with each product to include in social media, promotions and additional content creation; all non-edited photos are delivered at no additional cost. Photographing all packaging and products using raw materials, florals and ingredients within clean, un-obstructive backgrounds to elevate the product and engage existing and potential consumers. I would advise working a model in to this shoot to test products to enhance your brand's presence. You can fit a lot of content into photos like these. The more you can fit into your shooting date, the more you can maximize your dollar!

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT | Brand Voice, Content Creation and Copywriting

Social Media Management

* If you are willing to work on a contract basis, I can bundle these services for a discounted price for you, but we have to agree to work for a certain contractual term.

Social Media Management includes managing, (primarily Facebook and Instagram) accounts (if you have other's like Pinterest or Twitter we can add those). What we'll need to work together on here is a schedule. If you do a quick Google search, you can google when is the best times to post on certain days. This will help you beginning to work out your posting schedule.

Copywriting + Brand Voice

Copywriting for products is difficult but you have to get it done! I noticed that you have some of the same sentences in your descriptions. Don't make your product feel "recycled" (quality touch points remember?!) Which leads me to...brand voice!

One of the most fun parts of the brand is speaking to the customer, and you mentioned that you would like this to be your strength. Below is an example from Frank Body: an Australian body products brand with the voice of a man who's flirting with every girl in the world. This brand's voice is actually what made me purchase one of their coffee scrubs alllll the way from Australia!

Let's work together to touch up the language to show both form, function and friendship in your product descriptions! Your customers are your friends. Let's talk about the product like we just discovered the next best thing and we HAVE to tell our friends how well it works. A "word-of-mouth" girlfriend that's well versed on natural ingredients but shares it in an educated and silly way!

Content Creation

You can do anything from reposting existing content to generating your own! Again, we're on a schedule here so this would include some fine detail.

  • Offering readers the option to "Make Your Own" like the beautiful bath soak pictured below.
  • Using bloggers/people of note--or event the everyday person to do 30 second demo videos using your product in a fun way.
  • How-to's on new and old products! Glossier is one of my favorite brand they put their products to work with everyday women.
  • Blog post examples what about specific natural products for certain skin tones?
  • Who are some excellent top bloggers making waves by placing their remedies online? What if you did a demo of that thing?
  • Highlighting an ingredient (like lemongrass for example) talking about it's strengths and pointing people into your products that have lemongrass.
  • How do we use your line to combat seasonal skin issues?

These are just some ideas! We can work together to determine how MUCH content needs to be created and how often. Here's some questions to help you navigate those needs before we meet again:

  1. How many original posts do you want created per week/month?
  2. Are you looking to gain/expand your following with an emphasis on a local following or keep your current audience updated?
  3. Did you want email/newsletter assistance?
  4. Can you provide a posting schedule? (Open to collaborations but I'm mostly available); (how/when/what postings will be chosen)
  5. Which platform will you want the most attention and detail? I was thinking to go off the most commonly used dates and times to post (with some variation) to get a feel for your social traffic for the first 30 days. Once I see how your audience performa, determine a more form fitting schedule.
  6. How many hours per week should be invested posting and maintaining your social accounts?
  7. How many hours will be required for live coverage of events. Behind the scene shots?
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