Ancestor Storybooks By The Genealogy Kids

Here’s a fun, easy and affordable idea for turning your ancestors’ stories into kid-friendly storybooks.

To make each book, we first selected photos from our ancestor’s life to help us tell their story.

Using a photo filter app, we transformed all of the photos for our book into “illustrations.” In this example, we used a free filter from the Prisma app. There are many apps out there you could try (Clip2Comic, BeCasso, etc.)

Next, we created pages with very simple text to go with each photo in the story. Our target audience was very young, so keeping the text very simple was important.

We used Chatbooks to layout our stories & photos. Their easy-to-use tools made this a very simple process. We opted to purchase their 30-page hardbound book for our ancestor story, and ended up with beautiful gifts for our young cousins at $15/each.

This was so easy to create ... we’ll definitely be expanding our Ancestor Storybook series.