Chapter 8: Smartinsights mobile marketing statistics BRANDON RYAN


At this point in time, mobile devices have become more popular and widely used as opposed to desktops. Because of this, businesses have begun putting more resources into marketing to these mobile devices. It's now a question of understanding how consumers behave when using different types of mobile devices and what their preferences are.

Scenario Impact

With businesses rushing to begin marketing to mobile device users, there will be greatly increased advertising to consumers. Analyzing these statistics of whether or not mobile advertising actually increases sales.

Positive Aspects

This would allow consumers to be more aware of products and sales going on. Which could then potentially create an upsurge in consumption and economic growth. It would also allow businesses to understand whether or not their marketing strategies are effective in the mobile field, and whether or not desktop advertising is more effective.

Negative Aspects

With businesses analyzing the statistics of which marketing strategy is most effective, the obvious downside is being bombarded with advertisements when using your mobile device. Mobile devices, mainly regarded for their ease of access as compared to a desktop, would be hindered by the increase in advertisements.

Example of Its Impact

Say there is a small business owner that uses these smart insight mobile marketing statistics and begins targeting his mobile device using customers. His business will profit from being able to market his products to a wider audience, however some people may see these constant advertisements as a nuisance and may resent the business for inconveniencing their mobile devices.


To make sure that this type of situation doesn’t become common, and makes our mobile devices just a medium for business to broadcast their products, their should be a limit to how smart insights mobile marketing statistics is able to collect their data. Doing this would make it so that our mobile device outlets where we see advertisements aren’t bombarded by businesses.

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