Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History Thomas john

Nature on Display: The grand skeleton of the Columbian Mammoth most definitely peaked my interest upon first sight. Not only because of my liking towards prehistoric animals but in this case it is the first thing a museum visitor sees and considering its sheer size its difficult not to stand in awe of it. I think fossils of prehistoric animals are such a great way to feel in touch with these animals that we no longer can. Seeing comparative sizes in textbooks versus standing next to the actual life-size version is not a comparison at all. The skeletal reconstruction is truly a great way for people to gain insight upon what life on earth was life before the dawn of man when the animal kingdom was so incredibly different and amazing.

Columbian Mammoth.N.d.Fossil.Florida Museum of Natural History,Gainesville, FL.

Nature and Ethics: Leopold called for conservation efforts to preserve the land, this exhibit caught my eye because it juxtaposes this idea. This exhibit discusses the rapid consumption of fish from our oceans which can and will eventually lead to extinction of many species and overall depletion of our oceans. Although this exhibit specifically highlights the rapid depletion of marine life I think the general message is applicable to many things. In today's age rapid and unnecessary consumption has become so normal we don't even realize it whether it be water, fossil fuel, or food sources. Efforts should be made to educate the public as well as place restrictions on the companies that profit off of these consumptions in order to preserve our planet. I think Leopold hit it on the nail with his statement saying we need to "start viewing ourselves as members of the biotic community rather than as conquerers of the land".

John,Thomas."What is the Future of Coastal Fishing in Florida".Florida Museum of Natural History.2017.JPEG

Nature and the Human Spirit: Hershel pushed for us to take time our of our day to recognize the mystery and majesty of our universe, in my opinion this exhibit showing of the awe striking jaws of the infamous megalodon does just that. Similar to the mammoth the jaw of the megalodon deserves admiration purely from its sheer size if nothing else. The megalodon used to be the alpha predator of the seas and was approximately 3 times the size of its current living ancestor, the great white. The fact that animals of this magnitude used to roam the oceans itself makes me truly appreciate the majesty of the universe. Not only this but the fact that the oceans are so vast makes you question how many prehistoric or even current existing species we have yet to discover. Visiting the museum helps you step out of your normal life and appreciate nature for its beauty for things such as this that remind how vast and amazing our planet is and to never take nature for granted.

Carcharodon megalodon,N.d.Fossil.Florida Museum of Natural History,Gainesville,FL.2017.JPEG


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