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What’s New in AvakinLife

A Huge Concern in the Avakin Community (edit made by @alypatch.ava)

Listen up Avakins because this concerns you. We are calling on Lockwood publishing to please protect its clients from cyber terrorists who are hacking into various accounts in the community. There is a specific Avakin that has been terrorizing the community as of lately.

The Instagram page of the hacker (Courtesy of @ava_starboy)

This Avakin goes by the name of Professor. He has recently changed his font, ever since warnings on IG have went viral. This hacker takes people’s accounts hostage, and demands money to get your account back. He also sends requests to LKWD, for your account to be deleted. If you block him, he has a way of knowing, and you become a target. If you see an avakin with this name in any social spot, please stay away from them and leave immediately. Here are some tips to keep your account safe: Never give out your personal information to anyone, and remember that Lockwood will never ask you for you login information, change your password often, link your account to google game room ,and Facebook, also change your friend code daily. Do not advertise your friend code on social media as these are one of the methods that Professor uses to hack your accounts. To learn more please read this blog created by @alypatch_ava by tapping on this link 👉🏼http://aminoapps.com/p/fouzvsc

Contests & Giveaways

Birthday Announcements

Happy Birthday @ava.ikaa on February 4th 🎂 👇🏼tap link below to view video 👉🏼 https://www.instagram.com/p/B8IpQOXBir7/?igshid=ypg5y1w0aird
Happy Birthday to @ghostly_death_df on January 23rd
Happy Birthday to @kookie.avk on February 1st

Weddings & Anniversaries

Congratulations to @incees08 & @rinzz.id On February 2nd
Congratulations to Future (gon) & Future (aes) 👇🏼tap link to view video👉🏼 https://www.instagram.com/p/B8GeAy-hq2A/?igshid=1ndbqabtdks5a

Avakin Vs Real Life

Looks inspired by the season less collection


Alypatch is a longtime member of the Avakin Community, and owner of Gamer Girls United Amino. She has contributed in so many ways such as, hosting and sponsoring giveaways, leading, and curating on Avakin Aminos, as well as running her own Amino as well. She has a great sense of fashion, and she is always helping out others. She was kind enough to sit with us for an interview.

  • Avakin People Magazine: How long have you played Avakin Life?
  • Alypatch Avakin: I have been playing AvakinLife roughly 3 1/2 years and counting.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What inspired you to start your own Amino Community?
  • Alypatch Avakin: I was inspired to create my own community just as a way to get a closer bond with my friends because half of us never had any other Social Media platform at the time.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What is your favorite thing to do in AvakinLife?
  • Alypatch Avakin: My favorite thing to do in AvakinLife is dressing up no matter if it’s for fun or for a fashion show it gets my creativity flowing.
  • Avakin Peopl Magazine: Where is your favorite social spot?
  • Alypatch Avakin: My favorite social spot is definitely The Venue XL the bigger the spot the more possibilities to have all my friends at once in a room.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What is your favorite avakin brand and style?
  • AlyPatch Avakin: My favorite brand is LKWD Couture as I dress more classy then anything BUT if I had a casual day look I definitely pick Foal
Happy Valentines Day from Alypatch Avakin
  • Avakin People Magazine: Who in AvakinLife inspires you the most?
  • Alypatch Avakin: Who inspires me the most in AvakinLife is definitely Dollfacedamami even though we have had ups & downs she was my very first friend on the game and has always made sure I would never be left out and always involved. She also has amazing style at designing apartments on the game which definitely should be looked into, she has many talents and as a supportive friend I hope to see her get noticed one day for everything she’s been working for.
  • Avakin People Magazine: When did you start your Amino Community?
  • Alypatch Avakin: I have had several aminos but my only one I have now that I personally own is Gamer Girls United I got handed Agent back in July after the Community completely went downhill and had no active Mods and nothing up and going.
  • Avakin People Magazine: How many members are in your Amino community?
  • Alypatch Avakin: I have reached my goal of 10k Community Members which was an almost 2k away goal before I was handed Agent, I worked hard on creating this community I now call mine and I’m proud of all that it’s become including having Avakins join an share the game to my members because it has gotten ALOT of users to try it out since.
  • Avakin People Magazine: What is your community about?
  • Alypatch Avakin: My Community is called Gamer Girls United for a reason it’s for all girl gamers to come and be themselves, not feel left out or made fun of because you’re simply a girl who enjoy games. Yes, we do allow males because it’s apart of TA rules to not leave nobody behind BUT the males are respectful and know their place in the Amino. We have a WatchDog team who keeps an eye on our Community and also gives you a friendly Welcome to the community soon as you join, Safety is our number 1 concern in the Community! A lot of users enjoy games like AvakinLife but never knew what AvakinLife was until I introduced it, I would love to see more players in the future so I can host AvakinLife events on my amino.
  • Avakin People Magazine: If you were to create a new feature that has not been done before, what would it be?
  • Alypatch Avakin: If I was to create a new feature on AvakinLife it would definitely be a Trading System to where you can trade items with friends or to simply get rid of something you just don’t want anymore. Truly wish to see in the future that LKWD would put this system in because it would be beyond helpful. Let’s say you have a rare item you can no longer buy in the store and your best friend is dying for it & you don’t want the item anyways it would be an awesome idea to trade it off to them!

Get The Look For Less

Lunch Break in The City

The Look:

  • Hat: La Dolce Vita Cefalú Hat 899 Avacoins
  • Hair: The Raegan 699 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Bijouterie Extravagant Garnet Necklace (Exclusive Item) 14,999 Avacoins
  • Outfit: Front Row Silence Outfit 899 Avacoins
  • Bag: Front Row Learger Gloves and Clutch 399 Avacoins
  • Total: 17,895 Avacoins

The Look For Less:

  • Hat: Floral Echo Head Scarf 249 Avacoins
  • Glasses: Dolly Bop Funky Town Sunglasses 599 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Prysm Chanting Sun Necklace 599 Avacoins
  • Outfit: Front Row Resolution Outfit 899 Avacoins
  • Bag: Front Row Liquid Gold Clutch ( Exclusive Item) Price unavailable
  • Total: 2,346 Avacoins
Charity Ball

The Look:

  • Hair: The Roisin 799 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Bijouterie Viridity Emerald Necklace (Exclusive Item) 14,999 Avacoins, Bijouterie Verdanta Emerald Ring (Exclusive Item) 7,999 Avacoins
  • Dress: IKON Vaudeville Dress (Exclusive Item) 1,999 Avacoins
  • Total: 25,796 Avacoins

The Look For Less:

  • Hair: The Cailey 749 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Prysm Viverrine Necklace 299 Avacoins, Magic Ring of Enchantment (for female) (Exclusive Item) Price unavailable
  • Dress: IKON Wisteria Dress 1,999 Avacoins
  • Total: 3,047
Party Night

The Look:

  • Hair: The Nora 799 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Bijouterie Coronation Diamond Necklace (Exclusive Item) 14,999 Avacoins, Bijouterie Pearl Maiden Bracelets (Exclusive Item) 14,999 Avacoins
  • Dress: IKON Star Dust Dress 1,999 Avacoins
  • Total: 32,796 Avacoins

The Look For Less:

  • Hair: The Rhiannon - Black 799 Avacoins
  • Jewelry: Prysm Crystal Orbit Necklace 399 Avacoins, Foal Fascination Cuff Bracelet 199 Avacoins
  • Dress: Cloud Nine Precious Pearl Dress 849 Avacoins
  • Shoes: Cloud Nine Diamond Sky Heels ( Exclusive Item) Price Unavailable
  • Total: 2,246 Avacoins

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Avakin Trends

Foal Envelop Jacket Foal Solace Dress Foal Embrace top + Foal Snug skirt
Seasonless Eternity outfit Seasonless Reclamation dress Seasonless Sustainability outfit
Cosmos Infinity costume

Invading Privacy

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