Phone strings: prove to be perfect accessory Karlie saed '23

Phone strings have become quite popular amongst teenagers as they express creativity and functionality. This trend became popular over TikTok which sparked many to make their own. They're quite easy to make and only use two materials.

First, have some type of beads in order to make the string. The beads can be of any size, color and design. Some like to have more charismatic beads or charms, allowing the string to range in patterns.

In order to string the beads, you must use either string or elastic. I used a five-millimeter black elastic so that it could easily fit over my hand and stretch if needed.

Measure about a foot to a foot and a half of string or elastic in order to have ample space to bead and then tie a knot near the end.
Make sure to tie a tight knot with either a bead (shown in the far left picture) or with just the string (middle picture). Then, pick out the beads you want to use and begin the process of putting the beads on the string.

Once the beading is done, tie the ends of the string together to secure everything in place. Depending on the size of the beads and string, the outcome may look different in terms of the way it lays.

Tie the string to the side of your phone case where the ringer is located. Cut the excess string off to finalize the look.
The left picture shows the final product of your new and trendy phone string. You're also able to wear it around your wrist which makes this functional. I love having this accessory since I now never lose my phone since it's on my wrist and it's super cute.

All photos by Karlie Saed '23