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Multimedia is computer skills and animation. I think we will learn about animations and more about computers. Films, games, animations, websites and apps.
In this photo a books pages are flying out turning into birds showing surrealism. Its unusual and out of this world. (
The large image shows an egg being cracked and the sun coming out or being born. The top left image is a town on a head made of earth. The top right image is a surreal image done by Salvador DalĂ­.
A sketch of a snake head, tuxedo body and a hairy 4 legged 3 footed budgy smuggler legs. I did the head and the legs.
A sketch of a random long- necked sun head, unusual body and 4 legged legs. I did the body.
In my first creature i used a frog head that I changed around the colours on, for my body I used a bodybuilder and I used lots of legs for the lower part.
For my second creature I used a cheese head, angels body and a whale's tail.
For my third creature I used Saturn as my head, a pizza body with a cartoon on it and for my legs I used chicken feet.

My favourite tool in Photoshop is the marquiet tool because when you select an image you can play around with it, change the size and rotate it. I enjoyed Photoshop because you can make anything you want by adding images and photos and then editing them. What I found challenging was cutting out image backgrounds perfectly and making images flow well together.


Created with images by - "Hokusai great wave (AIC 1925.3245)"

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