Photojournalism Kiersten Haas

10 Pictures - Final 'away' project

Downtown Night Pictures

Zoom & Motion


South Lake Pics & Creative picture from behind

6 Weeks Test Project

' 6 in 1 '

Background Before & After

6 in 1

Spot Color Before & After

Forced Perspective

5 Forced Perspective Photographs

16 Images; Theme: Vegetation

4 Blurry backgrounds

Egg, Home, & Environment Project

4 Unique Pictures of an Egg

Pictures of my home

Pictures of the Interior

Environment Photo & Spot Color


Modes of Transportation Project

3 Unique Viewpoints

A few more photos..


Head & Shoulders

Waist Up

Full Body

Project 1

Depth of Field

Shutter Speed

5 Extra Misc. Photos

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