Fringo ℠

Fringo ℠ is a lot like the game you know as Bingo.

We're taking one of Grandma's favorite pastimes and turning it on its ear!

The Premise

Fringo ℠ is played like a traditional Bingo game, on regulation Bingo cards.

Cards are arranged in a grid of 5 by 5, with the letters B, I, N, G, and O across the top of the grid. (Just like the image at the left.)

Numbers are randomly placed in the squares under each letter as follows: “B” represents the numbers 1-15. “I” corresponds with 16-30. The letter “N” has 31-45. “G” uses the numbers 46-60, and “O” finishes the sequence with 61-75.

Playing Fringo

One person, the caller, will have balls (or cards or some other token) that correspond to the letter and number configurations listed above. As each is called, players will “mark” their cards. We will use our cards over, so removable chips will be used to mark the numbers that have been called.

Winning Fringo

Fringo ℠ is won when someone fills their card in a pattern designated. When a player completes the pattern, he or she is to shout, “FRINGO℠.” The caller or a designee will check the card against the numbers played. All players then “clear” their cards after the Bingo is verified.

Winning Fringo Patterns

The easiest way to play Fringo ℠(especially with those not familiar with the game of Bingo) is to do “straight line Bingo.”

A player wins when he or she has 5 called numbers in a row –

horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The Fringo Twist

Traditionally, a Bingo card has one FREE space. This space can be used in conjunction with the winning pattern designated.

In Fringo ℠, players will have the opportunity to earn extra “Free Spaces” through shopping with vendors (the Fringo-tique ℠) at the event.

Extra cards and free spaces can also be earned through scheduling an event with one of the Fringo-tique vendors and other special promotions.

Come with friends ... or we'll help you make some!

Fringo is different from regular Bingo because we embrace the social aspect.

So, we invite you to ask friends to join you ... otherwise, we'll help you to make some at the event.

We'll play a special round of Friends Fringo before the games event start, and there will be opportunities to root for (or against!) your old and new friends.

Come ready to laugh, relax, and win some prizes, too!

Do you want to have a Fringo in your area?

Contact Dawn Roussey at perfectlydawn@gmail.com

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Dawn Roussey


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