Main Idea Number The Stars By:alAn

Chapter 1: The main idea was what happen to the people because of the war. For one thing butter and sugar were gone along with coffee and teas. The war had made many restrictions for Jewish people. They had taken them for there troops. So they couldn't make a lot of things.
Chapter 2: The main idea is about how Denmark had come to Nazi rule. The king was smart and made a move that would make sure that none of the soilders and people got hurt. The king was one of the people that the town would die for. Annmarie had made a promise to die for the king. So did everybody else.
Chapter 3: Chapter 3 was about how the soilders were tormenting the Jews. They closed there shops and did not allow them to have any. Also it was about how the nazis were gonna make them miserable. They closed the shops they needed and tormented them just like in any other placE.
Chapter 4: chapter 4 is about how they will hide Ellen and how all Jews are getting token away. They have to hide Ellen with them so they wouldn't take her. Meanwhile her parents are going somewhere safe so they wouldn't be taken. Peter guided them on there journey. Where they went no one knew but peter.

Chapter 5: this is about how Annmarie and Ellen were sleeping and the nazi officers were looking for the Rosen's and they were hiding. Ellen in the Johnson's house and the officers checked papa pulled out baby pictures of all three of them, then the officer believed then and then they were safe. They Ellen was still scared of the officers so she did none of the talking.

Chapter 6: This about how mama and the girls are going to see uncle Henrik. There going so they can get away for a while. Also so the officers don't catch them so they won't send them away to a camp or to death.

Chapter 7: this chapter is a bout how they are re adjusting to there new home and how they will keep ellen safe. Also how they are hiding to keep each other safe and they learned the dangers Of being out in public. They will also be staying there. For reasons Annmarie does t know yet.

Chapter 8: this is about how they learned about the family member who died. That's why their mom cleaned the whole house. Also they learned why they don't have butter because of the army's. there mom cleaned the whole house nice and tidy so they could have the casket in there living with room.

Chapter 9 this chapter is about how their great aunt had died. They were mourning Annmarie had known that it was fake but couldn't tell anyone else. But as she went along with it she saw things that were very different. She had to keep this a secret from her best friend Ellen which she deeply thought she should know. Every one was there even peter.

Chapter 10: This is about how they were raided by nazi soilders because there were so much people. Annmarie finally found out what her uncle meant about bravery. They read the Bible and they were waiting still for them to leave. And they were still not opening the casket. They were staying there until they left. The soilders had stopped the ceremony and they continued when they left.

Chapter 11: This was about how they were not mourning they were leaving. Ellen was surprised and amazed on how there was not a person but cloths and blankets. Also they were gonna leave and they were taken in groups. They took food. They left every thing behind except there pride.

Chapter 12: This was about how the rosens were leaving and how there mom was leading them. But Annmarie was waiting for her mom. Her mom was helping guide the Rosen's to safety. When she got up and went out side she saw something on the floor. It was her mom. She ran out to her fast.

Chapter 13: This chapter is about how Annmarie is comforting her mother. After she found her laying out in the meadow when she was coming back. Peter dropped a note that was important so she had to go give it to them after they left it. So she had to go on a dangerous journey to give it to him.
Chapter 14: This about how Annmarie compared her running in the woods to the story she had always told her sister. She is running carefully in the woods to get the note to her uncle. But in the end she ended up face to face with two soldiers and there dogs.

Chapter 15: His is about how Annmarie had to deliver the basket but was confronted by soldiers. They examined the basket and were not the kindest to her. After a while she finally made it to uncle Henrik with the basket. He congratulated her because she made everything alright because that packet was important. She felt happy when she did that courageous act.

Chapter 16: This is about how Annmarie had been asking a lot of questions. She got all her awnsers from Henrik. She is really interested about peters work. But she can't know every thing which bothers her.
Chapter 17: This is about the end of the war. Also wat really happen to her sister. Every one rejoiced on the end of the war and put up flags. Annmarie was so happy to learn that the Rosen's would come back. She also kept her necklace she fixed it and wore it until Ellen cane back.

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