Lost From The More

Getting into the deep feels and relationships

between himself and other people

to help solve their problems, says the relatable

and severely informing music in his phone

Enjoyment of the action of being pushed forward far past his normal

abilities to bring himself to a world component, says the Netgear

Wireless Extender, not sure where to put forth his work

His feelings, thoughts, actions, and etc are sought on well with positive

energy, says the plasma ball waiting alone constantly all day every day

to persuade people better for their usage of time

Solo exploration/adventure far, near, and anywhere in between his

unexplored and uncharted territories, to let him enjoy what is to in the

real world, says the soon left out and hidden A.R. Drone 2.0

But at the time around for his arrive meant from school, he never came

back, even from a deceiving situation, says the scampering parents

including several other people all across town

As they returned home, a letter laid on his door, pinned by a thumbtack

of his favorite color, says the the note with lowercase and semi-bold

words saying: "too much."

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