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My name is Wilder Bolaños Gómez, I was born in Cali in 1990, I am 26 years old, capital of salsa. In the south west Colombian. I am the son of Leisby Gómez and Wilder Bolaños, both professors by profession.

I live in Bogota since 2012, I used to play baseball, I used to dance in a salsa academy. I studied in an industrial technical school and went out with honors in the systems emphasis.

Start in the creative world at age 14, in 2004, when I take my first course on Adobe Photoshop. I continued learning and also created a website in 2005 that supported the local artists of my city. This helped me to continue learning, improve many of my knowledge in areas of photography, videos, Design and Web.

In 2006 I started a career as a DJ and musical producer of several new singers in urban music, I played music and toured several cities in the Valle del Cauca. It also started the process on the radio and presentation.

At that time I had my recording studio and used to mix and record all kinds of voices. All this I did not dream of, but if I wanted to have something like this in my life.

In 2008 he started as an instructor at SENA, teaching audiovisual and other subjects. I started my teaching career, something my parents had in their veins. I continued to study, harvesting titles and more. In 2011 I won a contest, you can travel to Chile, and that I cataloged as one of the best in using Adobe tools in Colombia.

Thanks to this in 2012 a multinational company located in Bogotá called me to work in the capital of our country. It was a dream come true. I have been in Bogota for 4 years, studying graphic design, I do not practice it, but it is part of my job. I am an instructor and consultant Adobe, I work for Adobe's only authorized center in Colombia, I am part of the country's 12 certified Adobe experts.

I wish i to continue studying, i wish i graduating from graphic design, doing a second career, doing my specialization. I want to start a business idea that I have in my city.

I also want to know more about the world, I want to go to Europe, I want to go to the United States. To leave the country not only for a walk, also conducting conferences and giving classes to more people. I live life every second, I want to see my family, go to Cali and enjoy fairs.

This was something of my life, I hope it was interesting, thank you very much.

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