IAC Boston 2019 Our Year in Review

June 2, 2019 - Celebrate Israel with Koolulam brought 2200 members of the Boston Jewish-Israeli-American community together at the House of Blues for an experience of a lifetime!
Celebrate Israel with Koolulam took place on the same day in two IAC communities - San Francisco and Boston. The Boston video went viral - with close to 80,000 views and shared over 200 times on Facebook.
We are so proud of our volunteer-led activities. Everything we do is powered by our 260 wonderful volunteers.
Our activism work continues to grow. The Boston Media Room is our flagship program to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity in our community.
The purpose of the Boston Media Room is to mobilize activists to become effective advocates for Israel at their workplaces, schools, on social media and on college campuses.
The Media Room’s 19 teen ambassadors created 4 original videos with over 72,000 views, trained 177 community members, removed 204 incidents of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement, created 30 missions and engaged with 24,000 people.
This September, we will launch our new monthly giving campaign, which will enable IAC to train 80 activists to be #AlwaysMobilizing to fight anti-Semitism.
IAC Boston formed a partnership with the Newton Public School Administration to work together to ensure that the Newton schools are a safe space for our teens.
In 2019, IAC Boston and the Newton Public Schools held two productive and positive meetings with the faculty and staff of both high schools. These meetings were attended by 40 Newton parents.
The Eitanim program empowers our teens to cultivate a mindset of entrepreneurship, innovation, critical thinking and problem solving under the guidance of community volunteer mentors.
In 2019, 35 teens in grades 9-12 participated in the Eitanim program. In June, IAC Boston held its first ever Eitanim Hackathon, with 40 teen participants, including a delegation from Moona-Space for Change initiative in Israel.
Gvanim, an IAC leadership program for Hebrew speakers, is designed to give tools to build community, enhance the identity of the next generation and connect to the Jewish American community through volunteer-led initiatives. Last year marked the 5th cohort to join the program and the 6th cohort is soon to begin.
IAC Mishelanu provides a home for Israeli-American students to become a living bridge between Israel and the campus communities. Over the past year, we worked with 8 Fellows at 4 Boston area campuses and hosted 17 group meetings and campus wide events that engaged with hundreds of students.
IAC EDGE is a national cutting-EDGE membership-based community of Israeli and Jewish American young professionals, ages 22-42, who are passionate about Israel and seek extraordinary networking opportunities and professional development & business accelerators. In 2019, 350 Boston based YPs participated in our programming.
For the younger students, Noar Tzair Bamerkaz features fun activities targeting Israeli-American and Jewish-American teens and tweens. In 2019, we hosted 3 events with a total of 100 participants. Noar Tzair was initiated and led by 3 Gvanim alumnae volunteers.
In April, we launched a new community initiative called "Goolot", a monthly gathering for newcomers to Boston to ensure an easier transition by getting advice, recommendations and tools from various community specialists. Goolot met 3 times with 40 participants. Goolot was initiated by a Gvanim 5 alumni.
This year we held 2 special events for our Empty Nester community, which were attended by over 100 people. This initiative was led by one of our community volunteers.
In April, we held a Family Portrait workshop with artist Chanoch Piven which was attended by 30 families.
We held a series of 5 baby massage workshops for 10 young mothers. In addition, Rivkaleh Shimoni, re-launched the "Rivkaleh and Friends" initiative, which provides support to women after birth.
Shishi Israeli combines Jewish traditions and Israeli culture. With the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, IAC Boston held 23 Shishi Israeli events during 2019 with close to 2,000 participants.
At Shishi Israeli we enjoy reciting Kiddush, eating a delicious pot-luck meal, singing and dancing to Israeli music together and there are special activities for kids.
This year IAC Boston launched a new location for Shishi Israeli - the North Shore. This initiative is a collaboration between JCC North Shore, Epstein Hillel Jewish Day School and the Lappin Foundation. The event was attended by over 20 Israeli and Jewish American families.
The annual Mimouna Celebration took place at Solomon Shechter Day School. The event was enjoyed by 200 participants and put together by two amazing volunteers.
IAC volunteer led events unite us as a community and enable the doing of good deeds, including our annual fall leaf raking activity for elderly.
Every year, we visit the Gold Meir House as part of our Good Deeds Day with our volunteers and childrens' Israeli folk dancing group.
Gvanim Limmud meets up once a week at Merkaz IAC and bi-weekly in Lexington to read and discuss the weekly Torah portion. This project is led entirely by volunteers and Gvanim alumnae.
Throughout the year we hosted a series of conversations with high profile speakers which were attended by 420 people.
Israeli journalist Ben-Dror Yemini briefed 85 members of our community about BDS and the Middle East conflict.
Our Annual Purim Party - a uniquely Israeli-Jewish-American fundraiser -- attracted 300 people to Royale Boston for a lively and fun 80s-theme Purim party and helped raise funds necessary to fund all of our programming.
Our Yom Ha'atzmaut Party for adults was attended by 300 people who danced the night away Israeli-style at a nightclub in Boston.
The 2018 IAC National Conference was attended by 100 members of our community that were part of the Boston delegation to the event in December 2018 in South Florida.