My Grade Nine Self AVERI LEIS

IntroductionIn my past years i have participated in many physical activities. Such as, school sports (volleyball, basketball, Soccer, softball), Listowel minor soccer league, Minto gymnastics club, skiing, and snowmobiling. I felt a major benefit in participating in these activities because i'm getting myself out into the community, meeting new people, and most importantly staying healthy. I also babysat for a close family friend. This was very helpful for their family because their mom needed to get a job to help out with money and their dad worked way out of town.


From the begging of the semester to just about the end in my opinion, I have improved greatly. For example, in one minute my task was to complete as many push ups as i could. At the begging of the semester in one minute i got 28 push ups (excellent) and now, near the end i got 43 push ups (Amazing). also with the grip strength at the begging of the semester i got 62 (very good) and now, near the end of the semester i got 82 (excellent). The days in between both testing days i pushed myself to do better and try harder. Now i see pushing yourself and trying the best you can really helps.

FIELD Hockey

In my opinion, field hockey has been one of the most challenging sports. It was very difficult to understand the rules and where your supposed to be on the field and when.Two of the rules i found most confusing were the penitently corner and the penitently stoke. If I had a chance to go back to that unit I would definitely know to pay more attention so when it comes to game time i know whats happening.

Track and Field

If i were to participate in the Listowel lighting track and field team I would prefer to do a sprint event (100m, 200m sprint) or shot put. After my past years doing tack and field, i have been known to do well in sprint activities and I enjoy doing them very much. Also, in the last two years that i was aloud to participate in shot put i got 4th (in grade 7) and 2nd (in grade 8). I personally enjoy shot put because i find i always challenge myself to do better.


If I were to explain how to hut a football to a new student or to someone who has never previously played football i would first show then how to stand and catch the ball. To start off you want to be standing feet shoulder width apart and knees bent. You also want to have both hands in front of your chest with your index finger and thumb in a triangle position. your standing behind the "hutter". The person hutting the ball has the hand on it while it sits on the ground. This person is also fully bent over . The next step is too actually hut the ball. You put both hands around the ball and throw it under your legs to the person ready to catch the ball.


Volleyball is often a popular sport because it's easy to learn, fun, the games go quickly because its rallied, and your not sweating buckets once your done the game. If I had a teammate that was struggling with a skill I would start by telling them not to get mad at them self. Then I would calmly ask them to get in the position they would go into if it were in the game. Than i would adjust the position and tell them how to maybe change what they're doing


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