Meet Morgan Delack CCSD 15 Chief Communication Officer

Hello, everyone! My name is Morgan Delack and I am the new Chief Communication Officer in District 15. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know how I can help you as school administrators.

First, a little bit about me. I came to District 15 from Barrington 220 School District where I served as Director of Communications. Prior to that, I was a television and web producer and reporter. I earned my undergraduate degree in journalism from Penn State University, earned a Master of Science degree in Communications Innovation from Ithaca College last month. I live in Barrington with my husband and two young children.

From left to right: Nathan, Caleb, Morgan and Hannah Delack

As Chief Communication Officer, my goal is to create an integrated communications program that helps the district achieve its strategic goals.

You will see me in all of your buildings periodically with my camera in hand. I love showcasing what is happening in District 15 on social media and other communications avenues, so please let me know if anything interesting is going on. I’m happy to come by!

Visiting Winston Campus Junior High School with Principal Dr. Jason Klein and Assistant Principal Martin Da Costa.

I am also the point of contact for all media inquiries. I’ll be sure to let reporters know about any potential story opportunities in your buildings, and will handle all phone calls and emails from the media. If a reporter contacts you directly, please send them to me first so I can streamline the information gathering process for them. My email address is and my cell phone number is 814-880-9999.

I’m happy to help you with writing sensitive or critical messages to staff and parents, and will be working with you to develop social media and e-newsletter strategies to best reach your unique communities.

Summer school fun at Lake Louise Elementary School

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you better in the weeks to come. Please call, text or email me anytime! or 814-880-9999.

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