7 things you need to know about being a youngest sibling By Kendra Erwin

1. The first thing you need to know about being a good sibling is that you have to learn to stick up for yourself. Fight back when they pick on you. Older siblings always pick on their little brother or sister. In stead of telling on them all the time and making them hate, you stick up for yourself. If you fight back they will learn that maybe they shouldn't pick on you all the time because you can get them back.

2. Keeping a secret isn't always a bad thing, if your older brother or sister does something you know they don't want people to know about don't tell on them. That will just make them frustrated. They will also never tell you a secret again. Older siblings never want to tell their younger siblings their secrets, in fear of them telling their parents. If you keep their secret they will trust you and tell you more about them and their secrets.

3. If your siblings invite you to hangout with them, act mature around them and don't annoy them. Being around their friends means you can stay out later, and do the things that they do, but it all depends on how you act around them. If you are mature and fun to be around they will take you out more and invite you places more often.

4. Be friendly when you are around their friends. If their friends like you, they will tell your sibling to invite you, and they will enjoy when you come with your sibling. Being friends with your siblings friends is better because you will have more fun too. Everything is always better when you're surrounded with friends.

5. Stay out of their stuff. They don't like it when you take stuff from their room without asking. Borrowing your siblings stuff is okay if you ask first and you give it back. They will end up being very mad at you if you take something without asking them before. If you ask before borrowing something, they will be much happier, and more likely to let you borrow stuff if you ask ahead of time.

6. If they don't want to take you somewhere don't beg and complain, they will just get mad at you because you're annoying them. Sometimes they don't want to bring a little sibling along and that's okay. If they say no just accept their answer and maybe they will invite you next time. Not complaining and begging them to take you will make them more likely to bring you next time.

7. Do something fun that you and your older sibling enjoy doing. Find something that you and your sibling have in common, and enjoy doing, that way they will bring you along when they do that activity. If you both do that activity together they will invite you when they do it with friends, because they know you'd enjoy it.

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