Social Media in Education Finding ways to connect to students!

Twitter allows teachers to immediately reach both students and families to share information.
  • Teachers can share information about upcoming tests or projects.
  • Students can use hashtags to track information.
  • Share exciting news in the classrooms such as field trips so the community sees the positive things happening in class.
  • Use Twitter to create poll for class.
  • Post videos or other useful content.

Padlet creates an easy way to collect and collaborate on material. Students can create discussion boards, question boards or topic summaries.

Students can share information in a variety of ways.
Teachers must be careful when using social media.
  • Like all social media, once it is out there it cannot be deleted. Teachers must be smart and professional about the things they post. If you are worried about who sees the post then it shouldn't be done.
  • Don't be scared of social media because concerns, share the excitement of your classroom with others.
  • Be vigilant about the things others post on the page. If others can post then the teacher is responsible for things on that page.
  • Spend time so students fully understand expectations and consequences of inappropriate behavior.


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