Right Ride Fit For You

Why do you need to get a PROFESSIONAL bike fitting?

For small pains, BIG pains, looking for MORE POWER, or just plain UNCOMFORTABLE?

Height, flexibility, and ride style are just a few things that impact how you ride and where you feel the most comfort.

Using the Giant Right Ride system along with years of experience, our highly trained fit specialists will get you in the perfect spot for the most comfort, power and efficiency.

Choose The Fit Option Right For You

  • Bike Sizing $20 : Basic adjustments to verify what size bike you should be riding.
  • Cleat & Saddle Fit $50 : Personal interview. Adjust saddle height, angle & position. Adjust cleat fore and aft; as well as inboard and outboard position.
  • Pro Fit $150 : Cleat & Saddle Fit PLUS, Current position assessment. Flexibility assessment. Adjustments as needed, including saddle fore, aft and angle position; stem length and rise, handlebar width, reach and drop.
  • Aero Fit - $180 : Pro Fit PLUS, adjustment of all measurements based on rider feedback and goals. Installation and adjustment of aerobars.

Scott Turner : 28 years of experience with athletes of all levels. Whether you're looking for comfort, power or aerodynamics, he's positioned everyone from beginner to pro level athletes. Call and book your appointment with Scott today and see your riding improve tomorrow.

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