The Harn Experiencing The Good Life

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: During my time at the Harn, one of the cooler pieces of art was found outside. While I was questioning why they decided to put this random vase looking object outside, it occurred to me that maybe it belonged outside. If this artwork was put inside, it would feel very awkward and out of place. But looking at it with natural light and plants surrounding it, it seemed to fit in perfectly. The way the sunlight hit certain parts of its obscure shape was also very striking. If I were to look at a picture of it online, I would just glance over it. After viewing it in the sun, looking at every angle, I was actually glad that it was placed outside. This vase-like object made me feel complete, because It tied the outside garden together perfectly. I admit that after viewing this art and scrutinizing its placement, I have become more observant in why certain things are put in certain spots.

Piece of art that is outside

Design of the Museum: One of the most enjoyable exhibits in the Harn was one of the central rooms. It felt like no matter where you walked, you were always surrounded by artwork. The lighting was very bright which seemed to make the paintings and sculptures pop out. This particular exhibit was filled with black and white portraits of people who were all telling their own story. While looking at these portraits, I tried to see what these stories were. Some of them seemed to be in despair, longing for something that we know nothing about. On the other hand, I observed pictures of families enjoying themselves at some sort of occasion. No matter what I saw in these portraits, I wanted to know more. People say pictures speak a thousand words but to me, I always felt like I was missing part of the story.

one of the central rooms

Art and Core Values: The artwork that I related to the most was titled, II-06-94. It was made up of a bunch of different things that the artist loved including art, science, history, and cultural studies. One of my core values is to always stay true to myself. If we start to fall from what we believe in, we will enter a path that leads to nowhere. While looking at the art, I couldn’t help but feel happy. Seeing that the artist is passionate about so many different things and expresses them in a piece of art is really something special. It helped me to reflect on my own life and see what I have been straying from in my life. Without reflection we will not grow from our mistakes, and this piece of art helped me reflect on my passions and what I enjoy in life.

Art titled II-06-94

Art and the Good Life: One of my favorite pieces of artwork at the Harn was a human figure dressed in cultural attire. I feel like this figure depicts the good life perfectly. It shows us that we need to be original and stand out. The piece of art immediately drew my attention because of its bright colors and how it didn’t fit in with anything around it. This is an import theme in life because we are all unique and that is the way it should be, there is no need to try and fit in with your surroundings. This person also represented a culture that I know nothing about. In fact, after looking at it, I would love to learn more about the origins and why the figure was dressed the way that it was. I think culture and people’s backgrounds are important when seeking the good life because they are our identity and what makes us all unique.

Picture of me and a piece of art

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