Nifty Souls Deal with the crypto devil

What is a Soul ?

Money. Fame. Love. Those mortals all wished for something, more than anything else in the world… and they were willing to pay the ultimate price. This is their lives, hopes and fears.

This is their souls.


Nifty Souls is a Crypto Art project about cursed souls trapped in paintings. Each one of them has been sold by their owner in order to gain something: money, power, love...

All paintings from the Nifty Souls collection are unique as there will be only 1 NFT per Soul. But, strangely enough, they all seem to have a bond, to be part of a same mystery. It is also said that each painting contains a secret...

Nifty Souls combine many mediums (painting, animation, sound) to create an unique experience. Here is what it looks, sounds and feel like:

What do I get with a Nifty Soul?

  • An unique NFT Soul.
  • The Soul's pact (pdf)
  • A HD portrait of the Soul

Already Minted

John Doe, Kayla Huggins and Ahossou Kaaro ' souls are already available on Opensea!

A new Soul is created each week. Subscribe to the mailing list to get informed when the next drop arrives.


  • Uniqueness: Purchasing a Nifty Soul is getting an unique work of art with a genuine approach.
  • Collectibles: Each Soul is both unique and part of a bigger picture at the same time. It can be enjoyed as a single item or as part of a bigger collection.
  • Unlockables: The buyer will also get a signed contract of the previous soul owner and a HD portrait of the painting.
  • Mystery: Each Soul contains a secret. Will you be able to discover it?


Nifty Souls starts with this acrylic painting that I did a few years ago. I always saw it as a troubled soul that needed to scream but had no mouth. Trapped in a jail of paint and reduced to silence forever..

I was really proud of this work but at the time, I didn't have the artistic maturity to see beyond.

When I heard about NFT, I instantly realized how big of a paradigm shift it could be. It is game changer for projects, of course, but also for how to connect with our audience and what it means to own a work of art. and the huge potential

My goal for Nifty Souls is to create an experience that can only exist digitally, but also to bring my painting skills to craft portraits like no others.

Who's behind Nifty Souls ?

I'm Céline Pêcheur a French painter, illustrator and digital artist living in Montpellier, France.

After studying fashion, I've completed a cursus in the Fine Arts School of Nîmes. Since getting my degree, I've been working on games, comics while also illustrating book covers. I even got my own game studio, seelegames.com !

To me, NFT and Cryptoart are a paradigm shift that will change art industry forever. It is a playground for experimentation and creativity while allowing artists to connect with your audience in a way that traditional art isn't able to. What I expect to do is to create unique and meaningful art that couldn't be done with traditional tools.

Sound Design : Olivier Darsch


Feel free to send an e - mail : nifty.souls [at] gmail.com