Mustache and beard by maleny, nadia & mateo

Andrew Jimenez, i have had mustache and beard since i was in middle, i shave every week to get my beard and mustache in a month to look like this.
Alfredo Arroyo, i have had beard since i was freshman but i have never shave so its been about 2 year since i have it.
Luis Picazo, i have had it since i was like around 11 or 12 years old, i shave every day and it take about 2 weeks for my beard and mustache to look like this.
Joseph Ponce, i've had it since sophomore year i shave twice a month, it took about a whole year to look like this.
Alfredo Macias, i've had it since i was 17, it took me a year to look like this and i dont shave.

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