Across the Desert 2016 - "LOVE THY SELF"


There is no money as Joshua and I leave the cradle of Crestone, saying goodbye to the Dragon and trusting that the Life Visioning techniques shall support us in our Quest westward towards the Cosmic Carnival.

As we pass the edges of Lady Faust's land, I must see North one last time. It crushes my Heart, knowing that we are leaving each other on the Quest, yet I Know that it is the right thing. I won't lie, i'm scared of being without him. First Dakota, now my beloved wolf, once again the terrible specter of loneliness looms on the horizon.

Forever. One paw, one Heart, one soul. Forever and Always, my Greatest Teacher, my Truest Friend. Forever.

We are both so hungry, traveling the long roads. There is only just so much money for diesel, and we must make passage to the Cosmic Carnival. Joshua, more sensitive to the lack of food than myself, crunches over himself. The question of whether his most basic need, of being fed, will be met, hangs over him like a shroud. Yet such is the nature of the Quest. There is no choice but to move forward, invoking trust that God will support us.

We drive to a crossroads. There is barely any fuel in the tank. I know that if I turn right and head eastward, it is a long stretch of at least 75 miles without service stations, a distance we cannot achieve with the empty light flashing on the dash. Pulling over, I flag down a pair of kind women, who tell us that there is a service station to the west, four miles down. Following their advice, we drive forward. Though a station appears, it is not a diesel station, and we are recommended to travel even further, another 18 miles, to a larger oasis of fuel.

We pull into the diesel station on fumes. As we get out of the truck, a pair of souls appears, carrying styrofoam boxes. One of them says to me, "Hey! Are you hungry?" I nod yes, enthusiastically. "Well then, these are for you." And a pair of boxes as well as a pair of containers of water are thrust into my hands.

The pizza is delicious. Even more profound and restorative to our Faith are the words emblazoned on the cover. "God Loves You!!"

It is a moment of deep thankfulness, a proof that we are indeed supported on the Quest.


On Joshua's suggestion we head down the winding road that leads into the vortex of Sedona. Here, he shows me an everspring, sacred Water flush with vitality bubbling up from the ground. In the planes below, I can feel the life-force, the essence of Sedona's underbelly of crystalline harmony, saturating the liquid.

I am in a mood, and simply wish to be on the road, yet I trust Joshua's intuition. As I step out of the truck, I breathe deeply, taking in the sights and scents of Sedona, reminding myself we are in no rush, that we may take time to enjoy the forests outside the towne.

A vibration catches my attention. I look to my left, and see a silver-haired man. He has the countenance of a King, with an air of something indeterminate that I sense in the field.

Heading over, he introduces himself as Niekko Chin, a producer of 'Cirque USA', one of the larger circus companies in the Americas. 'Of course', I consider to myself. Such are the physics of the quest. As I am flush with the timbres of the circus, so do I meet my reflections in the Incarnate.

It is a great honour to meet my fellow King of the Sideway Highways. Such is a rare resonance, another being who has been tempered and shaped by endless travel, learning the secrets of the roads between in his journeywalk across the realms.

Like myself with Joshua, Niekko is bringing some youths across the planes, initiating them in the deeper aspects of the Path. In honour of meeting him, I pull out the elvish armour and my sacred swords, revealing the artifacts of the realms of myth and magick I have garnered on the Quest.

“Cirque Royale”


Through the roads and places fine

there is a weave of things Divine

of the dance and fancy free

see the ancient alchemy

In the morning, Joshua and I continue Westward, choosing to stop in the sacred stonescapes of Sedona for the possibility of seeing his father. The conversation revolves around the differences between our Lightning and Water, the lessons we are learning from one another regarding softness and firmness in our relations. Such is a necessary, integral part of the journey across the Mythica by which we move through the vibrational patterns that define our current reality.

In the early, we drive the twisting road that leads into the canyons and mountains that are Sedona. As we do, we pass a stonework with vibrant, deva-saturated water. Joshua exclaims that such is one of his favourite places. Recognizing his affinity with Water, I quickly pull the caravan to the side of the road, intent to fill our jugs and stores with sacred liquid for journey to the City of Angels.

As I begin walking, a vibration catches my attention. Two men and a woman, at a campsite, radiating a field of kaleidoscope and free. Such is a familiar scent to me, and to them, apparently as well. As I pass by, the elder of them, a robust man wearing an ‘Zen Awakening’ t-shirt, waves me over. Immediately, subtly, I can feel the fields aligning.

Abundance is our Birthright

A vision comes to me as I gather Water. A feeling-tone, kindled to bright by the recent and ongoing events of expansion and Goodness. There is no spout, for the flowing water. Endlessly, graciously it pours, constantly renewed by it’s very Nature, the excess pouring back into and nourishing the sacred Land.

Such is the assertion of avatar Beckwith in ‘Life Visioning’, one paralleled within my own. The True nature of the Creation is abundant. Ever-expanding. Perennial. Like the water, it flows and flows and flows, the stream shaped and tended by our current Self, it’s current prism, filters and free. To return to such a place, to the energetic embodiment of alignment with what is True, is the goal of the Mythica. It is not lost on me that it is the deva of Water, yet again, which provides refuge and revelation.

The Universe always provides us with information in the language which we will understand. That which aligns with our halo of gravity. For me, Truths occur in the language of the deva. The elemental realms from whence I came. As I Listen to the Water, there is a transmission, on a particular energetic imprint. A feeling-tone. Deliberately, I Open, allowing that tone to fill me, to saturate me, for in doing so I change my inner landscape, changing the manifestation of my ‘outer’ World. It is a beautiful wielding, given even more luminance for occurring within the fields of ley that saturate this Sedona.

Kings and Travelers

Following the inspiration, I come over to the neighboring campsite, where I come to meet Nikko, John and Cassy. There’s a palatable aura here, of Goodness, of Fellowship. A deep familitarity of reincarnate family. The resonance is immediate and deep. I come to find out they are part of a circus, a troupe called ‘Cirque USA’, traveling realms. ‘Excellent’ I think. Realmsign. As always, I live within the sacred mirror, encountering avatars with whom I share realms. My unique Path through the Mythica is constant with this. With the Free Folk. The travelers and wayfarers. The reborn Queens and Kings of the Sideway Highways. Whether my brothers Hjeron O’Sidhe or Noah McLain, the Lady Dream Rockwell, princess Adelaide or others, the territories of the Free Folk are constant between us all.

Such is the nature of the magick. Of Divine unfoldment. There was no pre-arranged plan, no foresight or premonition, only the intuition, gradually increasing and shared between Joshua and I, that we were to head to Sedona, and then to stop by the sacred waters … in which a sacred physics was at play, bringing allies from Ages gone and returning to meet … reminding us that all our stories are connected. It happens for me, it happens for all of us. The Pattern, the Great Story, that weaves us all as One.

The resonance between Nikko and I is strong. Very strong. He shares his Story, growing up in Jamaica as a sacred dancer (breakdance), then building one of the largest Cirque’s in America, going through his own metamorphosis from the old paradigm to sacred commerce, and now, nobly taking young aspirants to the circusian realms across the territories, on tour, teaching them the ropes of busking and performance, the true timbres of the circus family, and what that bright fellowship really means.

During out time, I am led to pull Muse, my sacred harp, from Grey, bringing her to the gathering. Music flows through me, singing the Wind across my fingers. It is my honour to play for my remembered brother, to bring the wonders of the Fae to my fellow Walker across the Worlds; met here in accordance on the hidden highways of the Wandering Road.

As always, it is unknown, until the moment, what music wishes to come forth. Such is a surrendered alignment with brightness and beauty. I know only that it is in service, bringing the sacred Story to share with my kith and kin. As the tones emerge, there is a softening with my brother Nikko. A clearing. I can see the fields within him settling. After, he tells me, in a recent session with a divinator, he received the message that his soul needed music, not vocals, but harp, for soothing. Grinning with Knowing, he thanks me profusely. I tell him the Truth, that it is my honour, that our meeting here is PROOF of the physics of the Quest, that we are the very answers to each others sacred questions, manifest.

It is Good, for both of us, to be around another elder Walker. So often, in our capacity as guides and guardians, we escort generations across the planes. Yet to meet each other, from a similar point of birth in time (we were about the same age), to share that deep resonance, is clarifying. Reminding. A suite of references and revelations relative to our own initiations and evolve. Like myself, Nikko holds not only the resonance of the circus and the tribe, but that of abundance, marketing and the Commonwealth.

To further share the Mythica, I am led to bring out the artifacts of the Quest, the various magickal items I have gathered that prove the movement across the realms of the Creation. From the caravan I retrieve Thorn, Talon, my sacred flute and the Elphinstone Coat, revealing them to the ensemble.

It is at this time Nikko, my fellow King, invites me to speak at the Zen Awakening festival. I come to learn that such is his own event, the manifestation of a vision shared in the high mountain of sacred Shasta and created upon the eastern coastine of the Americas. Not only does he invite, but as a keynote speaker, offering both travel arrangements and lodging within his bailiwick.

Realmsign. A clear indicate in the field that I am in the realms of presentation, of recognition of the value of my work and the Mythica. That I am in Victory, through the manifestation, channeling and Life Visioning practices such that I am led, through the sideway highways of myth, to confluence where such a thing is offered and accepted. As avatar Beckwith suggests, what wishes to come through us is greater and more aligned with our Heart’s Desire than we can know from our current paradigm.

The Sedona Stones

The Truth of the Mythica is this: We are the aspects of mythology, itself. Our journeys are the very archetypes of Story manifest, the source from which all echoes and fables are born. As the day progresses, we join our clans, heading to the rocks and stones of Sedona. This place is interesting to me, full of vibration. I can see why she is called a vortex. The vibrational resonances are palatable, and I, flush with Victory upon the Paths of the Mythica, am riding the wave. Bright energy sparks around me, I feel a sense of deepening into my Purpose, into my right action upon the Worlds.

The deva here are tremendously beautiful. Carrying within their timbres such bright wisdom. Though Sedona is known for UFO’s and other Galactic phenomenon, my resonance has always been with the elementals, the primal forces that make up the Worlds.


I have deep appreciation for the avatar of Joshua and his arrival on the Quest. His embodiment reflects a deeper crystallization of the Mythica into the Incarnate, a being of fine timbre, elemental and bright, who understands the deeper vision and has genuine resonance with the Idea. His habits are different than mine, wrought from the timbres of his Self. There is a ritual of sacred communion with the Land that I appreciate. This morning, unconsciously, I flipped open a book, did not meditate, did not quite remember to. As I awoke Joshua, his authenticity was to stretch and actively drink in the Sun. It is the way of the natural World, aligning our Selves with the elements of things such that we have clarity.

It is a thing that I do. When I remember. When I am in my right stance.

Truth told, when I first witnessed this, there was disquiet, within. For I had not remembered. I had fallen to olde patterns that no longer served, and did not have habit, yet, to do the thing which was resonant within my own Self. There was a moment of anger, at the Self. The olde wound, of feeling held in patterns of unconsciousness, of olde habits that no longer give but take. Yet such reminiscence does not serve, save to demand forgiveness for what is the Past and take action in the Present. I rally, deliberately recalling the events of the past few days, using the sacred mirror of the Mythica to remember just where I am and give myself credit for victories won. As I do, my gaze clears, I dissolve the judgment of Self, and with that, open the way for abundance to flow through me. The most obvious thing unveils. I am writing. I am publishing. The Mythica is happening. I am in Victory, with allies and synchronies to mark my passage to Paradise.

Revelation and Resolution

(Soon after I engage this, Joshua and I get into a realm of clarity. One where the deeper framework of the Mythica pours through, where we share a resonant field of interpretation and inspiration.)

Conversation ensues. One where the Idea of the Mythica, common to us both, passes through. In which there is clarity and revelation as to the framework of the physics of the Quest, and how we are sharing this grand enterprise with the Worlds.

As Joshua and I travel across the territories, there is the sense of grounding, of my powers in constancy and flush, the Mythica as crystallized reflection stepping into right-service and accordance. The minor judgments and negativities that come up within the Self are recognized, at last, as distortions from the Truth, dissolved in the recognition of the true nature of the Presence. It is, as with all aspects of the proof of the Mythica, a yoga of change. One in which there is the reshaping of the prism of Self on the deepest and most causal level, perceived and interacted with in the medium of awareness.

It occurs to me, as I write this, not for the first time, that a deep part of my journey has been through the darkness. Through the Shadowlands, of self-anger and disappointment, projected outwards onto the reflections of what we wish imagine ourselves to be. As I reflect on the journey, leading ever-deeper into the territories of Earth and Water, consider Niekko’s appearance in the field, I see how Joshua and I are on a sacred journey, pilgrims across the realms of consciousness, an archetype of perennial Storytale.

Sprinting to Victory

Heading to Chiptole, we see a Sprint store. It’s in the Flow. Connecting the Mirrorfine to the internet is essential, transmitting the window to wonder. That it appears is right confluence, so I make the decision to use our funds to reopen the channel.

Whilst charging the Mirrorfine and at WIFI for the first time in some days, I get a message from Steven Ehlinger, and consider it realmsign of movement into the Commonwealth and alliance. Steven, one of the Grail Kings, holds the imprint of sacred commerce. Like Sean, Lucien, Adam and my Self, he is a key component in the emergent pattern of Grace, Fellowship and Abundance. He first entered the Mythica in 2012 at the Tribal Convergence, a venerable moment, arranged by Jamaica Stevens, to gather the many tribes of the emergent dawn. Such was the first moment I encountered Sean Staub and Samavesha Gayatri, current incarnations of the Grail assemblage.

It is a bright thing. Steven’s appearance in the field feels similar to that of Ravenwood’s, a psychic recognition by my brethren that the Mythica, my part in the Great Awakening, was coming to the Commonwealth at last.

While this is happening, a pair of Native American avatars show up, resonating with Joshua. Joshua’s Path has been deeply involved in the Native Church, as he comes from a lineage of service to Great Spirit, and it is not lost on me that such happens in accordance with his own sacred mirror.

Movement across the Mythica is a parallel between what things appear to be on the Surface plane, and what they are in the Subtle. Though it looks, on the Surface of the Worlds, like Joshua and I are standing in a parking lot across from the Sprint store, such belies a much deeper experience, a movement through the Qualities of consciousness in the depths of our being. One directly related to the manifestation of circumstance within our lives.

The Olde Wound

We continue towards the Cosmic Carnival.

On the way, the darkness rises. The anger. The olde wound, of my deep disatissfaction with the Incarnate plane. It strikes so hard, so fast, I am barely able to muster my defenses. Once again, as it has many times before, hatred, rancor for the process of being human, the necessity of being “forced” to do all these practices to move from scarcity to abundance, to free ourselves from the prison back to the Paradise that is our birthright, comes to the fore.

As we settle, intending to dock for the night, I breathe in the deva, refreshing my sense of Gratitude, of appreciation. It is not entirely authentic at first, such things are impossible to hold when the darkness strikes. It is the best I can do, so resentful do I become of

the necessity of endless process simply to exist in lucidity. I know that holding this particular energy is uncondusive to my manifestations, yet still it arises within me, as it has so many times before. It is all I can do to just breathe, and spill as little of it as I can onto others. In the fields beneath, it is a realm of fractures, of sharded light.

It is still burning within me when we come to an impromptu campsite, the light still cracking across the prism of my eye.

In the fractals beneath, such has always been the main issue. The root. The knowledge of a better, brighter World and the sense of being born into it’s pale echo. Yet, I remind myself, such is also the Quest of the Mythica. To mark the trail that transforms the dross into delight, that moves from confusion to clarity, from scarcity to abundance, from the old paradigm to the New.

In the late evening, I am awoken to the sound of a video chat from Ariane. She claims not to have done it intentionally, and yet such appears nonetheless, a moment of shared consciousness, her fine priestessing moving through her as light through a rainbow, connecting and affirming that the festival does, in fact, occur on the 17th. It is sweet to feel her, to scent her glories across the ethers. Soothing, like Dakota, in the manner of the Divine Feminine.


I awaken to deep conversation with Joshua, a bit frustrated with myself for old patterns, yet recognizing the Victory. He has consulted with the Moon the night before, to understand more of our sacred journey together, his own movement through the realms of consciousness, manifest.

This is meaningful, for ultimately, one must have their own relationship with Spirit, with the Answers that come from one’s sacred Questions. It was difficult for Joshua to see my frustration at first, and yet, this is the shared humility, the understanding that we are all going through it, that we are a part of each other, and that none of free of the Collective distortion we are processing through this Age.


As we drive, I choose to invoke Trust and Faith as feeling-tones within the Self, wishing to ensure that we are supported as best I can on the causal levels of manifestation. I pull us into a diesel station, to gather fuel for the journey across the desert. As I do, one of the attendants sees something, coming over to the caravan. He brings my attention to the threads of metal coming out from the wheel, indicating it’s imminent explosion. A replacement is necessary, to head across the long desert en route to the City of Angels.

On the Edge

As I go inside, Jeff informs me that this place, ‘Needles’, is one of the hottest townes in America. That this realm, what on the Surface is known as the ‘Mojave’ desert, is a ‘tire black hole’, the intense heat burning tires to slag in their expedition across the sands. Yet, the Path leads onward, towards the Cosmic Carnival, and we must continue.

Everything is a moment in the Mythica. I look in my wallet. Somewhere just north of $300, total. They are asking $60, to replace the tire and look at the alignment. A fair pricing, to which I have no contest. Joshua, eyes bright, noticing that we have been informed of a potential flat (which would have been devastating, on the journey, in current conditions, demanding abandonment of the trailer), considers it auspicious providence that Jeff, the attendant, let us know. Truly said, It could be distressing for me. I choose not to be. After all, I was deliberating invoking Trust and Faith in the Divine when such an event occurred, and it parallels the same kind of event that happened on my to * to * Crestone three months ago during “Roads of Faith”

Jeff efficiently places the new tire on the caravan. Then, thanking the Divine once again in applied process, we head further West, across the great desert towards the gathering at the Cosmic Carnival.


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