The Divine Play - Dana awwad

I have gotten the honor to watch the play the divine for Sarah Bernhardt and it was mind-blowing. I loved so many things about the play and I will be elaborating more on this in the next few pages. The divine was well-rehearsed, beautifully written and easy to understand. Watching it was absolutely entertaining and eye-opening.

Picture was taken at the Reitz Union, January 2017.

The spatial experience - When entering the theatre to watch the play, so many feelings of excitement and honor were taking over my mind. I love the art of theatre, and the obvious mixture of modern act style and old style were both obvious and has enriched the play. I got the chance to occupy a seat closer to the stage, and got to see the actors closely. It felt really good, being able to see their facial expressions and their moves, while feeling the emotions they reveal. The settings of the furniture and the backstage crew has also done a well job preparing for the play, which made it even more interesting to me. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt the respect of the stage and the effort those actors have been putting into all of this to happen. The theatre was not too big and not small either, it was the perfect size for a decent crowd to attend and watch the magic those actors have been preparing themselves to throw at us. The fact that it was not too big has made me feel like we were closer to the actors and therefore more connected to them. The role a place plays in the good life is the amount of comfort and appropriateness it shows in regards of the planned show/event, and therefore achieving the good vibes, and the good life.

Picture was taken at the Reitz Union, with my friend Kerol Kaskaviqi on the left, I in the middle, and Rachael on the right. January 2017.

The social experience - I had planned attending the play with my high school friend, Kerol, and my roommate, Rachael. I got ready for the play by reading a little bit about Sarah Bernhardt's history, and finishing up all of my school work beforehand in order to be relaxed and able to focus on the play. Attending this play with two dear people to my heart has enhanced the feeling of joy and excitement all at once in me. Knowing I would get to spend the time with both of those girls without the need to be worried about school work or complaining about it, and only enjoying the play for itself had made my Friday a lot better. Sharing experiences with ones we care about helps us create the happy moments that turn into happy memories, making us achieve the good life.

Picture taken at the Constans theatre, January 2017.

The cultural and intellectual experience - The Divine took place first in Quebec city, December 1905. It reveals the 20th century's big issues regarding sexuality, desires, religion, morals, and ethical rights. I believe that the central issue addressed in this performance is all of the ones mentioned before, yet, one I especially knew about and was interested in is religion. In the play, religion plays a very important role at controlling the actors' actions and influencing their decisions. The performance has influenced my affection towards human rights as I watched the representations of the privileged and the disadvantaged everywhere in it. All humans are worth the same basic rights and no money or class can make one's human life less-worthy than the other. Coming from an occupied country was the reason I had this huge desire to do law, and keep on arguing the clueless. Growing up as a refugee or an occupied influences the way one evaluates their self worth, and watching the separation of classes in the play has reminded me of home. The way Israelis and Palestinians are separated, and the deprivation of any basic human rights due to the fact of of being "Palestinian" is something i grew up thinking about and living for, trying to find an answer to. Does my identity card showing me as a Palestinian make me less life-worthy than an Israeli ID card holder? It always did and I never understood why. Which here reminds me of the same case in the play, when the poor class workers have to pay their lives and family gatherings for the upper class ones, just because they owned some money.

Picture was taken at the Reitz Union, with friend Kerol Kaskaviqi to the right and I. January 2017.

The emotional experience - As I mentioned before, I felt personally connected to the play, as much as I enjoyed watching it, it kept on reminding me of home and striking back a lot of incidences I had buried at the very back of my head. The Divine provides us an opportunity for katharsis as it exposes us to listening to some very important issues that are hardly spoken about, yet are also very important to us and our societies. We come clean when we listen, and theatre's power is in it's ability to get a whole crowd listening to it instead of arguing, for once. The play is full of ups and downs, revealing the way a natural human life style is/tends to be.

Picture taken inside the constans theatre while waiting in line, thought this drawing might look interesting. January 2017.

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