Divergent Factions

Abnegation is a faction revolving around selflessness. Each member wears rather bland and simple clothing. They're located on the North West side of the factions. They value the virtue of selflessness. One of the leaders of Abnegation is Andrew Prior, his wife is Natalie Prior they are parents of Beatrice and Caleb Prior.

Dauntless are the brave and the fearless. They value the virtue of courage most. They are located far North from the other factions. The dauntless members wear mainly black, edgy clothing, they generally wear and do want they want. Some main members of this faction are: Four, Eric, and Tris.

Erudite is the faction that most values the virtue of Knowledge. They are located near the South - Navy Pier. They all wear blue clothing and are all very professional looking. Important members we know of are Jeanine Mathews (leader) and Caleb Prior (initiate).

Amity is the happy go lucky, peaceful faction. Amity lives in an old park at the end of the tracks. They value the virtue of peace above all. They wear red and orangey earth toned colors.

Candor is the faction of truth. They cannot lie and often speak whatever is on their mind. Little is known of the headquarters of Candor. They wear all black and white, they are also very professional like the Erudite.

Nothing is known about the divergent, except that they poses the traits of all the factions and are extremely dangerous.

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