Steps to "The Greatest" A boardgame

Game Origination

A priest is a mediator, or bridge, between God and human beings. The writer of the Letter to the Hebrews compared Jesus to Melchizedek, a mysterious, superior priest in the Old Testament who blessed Abraham (Hebrews 9:12). Jesus is the greatest high priest. Because he is both divine and human, Jesus is the perfect mediator. He is not only the perfect priest, holy and sinless, but the perfect sacrifice (Hebrews 7:25).

A prophet is a messenger sent by God, a person who speaks for God. Jesus fits this description. He is none other than the Word of God in the flesh. He called the world to turn from sin and return to the father and was put to death for it. In scripture Jesus is presented as a prophet. Crowds identified him as "Jesus the prophet" (Matthew 21:11). He spoke of himself as a prophet, "no prophet is accepted in his own native place" (Luke 4:24). He foretold his passion and ressurection.

A King is a person who has supreme authority over a territory. Jesus is spoken of as a king in the Gospels. Gabriel announced to Mary that the Lord God would give her son the throne of David his fathers and he would rule over the house of Jacob forever. Magi looked for the newborn king of Jews. When Jesus last entered Jerusalem, crowds hailed him as a king (John 18:36).


The goal of the game is to become the greatest, the King (3+ players)

While a player is doing their turn, the others are judges. Everyone starts at the ‘Regular Human’ spot.

Shuffle cards; all cards are placed face down in one pile. Player will pick up card from pile of cards

The card will state a scenario. Scenarios will vary. The player will have 30 seconds to think of what they would do if they were put in that scenario

Judges will decide if this was a good deed

Majority rules

If it is a tie, player picks up a new card and goes again. Good deeps move you along the game board

Two good deeds makes you a priest (Level one)

Three new deeds makes you a prophet (Level two)

Three more new good deeds makes a King (Level three)

Each deed is one move. First player to the ‘King’ spot, is the winner

Malala was born on July 12, 1997 in Pakistan. Her father ran a school in Swat adjacent to the family's home. He became an large advocate for education. Malala also shared her father's passion for education staring at a young age.She has accomplished things like writing a blog based on the fear that her school would be attacked by the Taliban. Malala was featured in a documentary made for The New York Times.

Malala showed priestly actions by telling the world through her blog the fear she had for her fellow classmates and her well being during school. She shared the fear she had about being attacked and opened many people's perspective on how they view a place and how safe a place like that actually is. She can be considered a mediator between the school and the public, which truly shows her priestly actions. She was also featured in a document made by Times because of who she is and certain things that have happened in her life.

Some Good Deeds

She led to the first Pakistanian right to school bill. She published a book and it is a number one best seller. She helped young people have a voice among world education leaders.

-Malala was demonstrated as a prophet when she led the first Pakistanian right and became an advocate for girls education, because of this Taliban issued a death threat against her. This did not stop Malala from expressing her feelings. These actions demonstrate a prophet because she is speaking out for what she believes in just as a prophet speaks about God. She also published a book and she helped young people have a voice among world education leaders which is another symbol of Malala sharing her story about what she has experienced and gone through her life, this will help others throughout their journey. She showed young people that it is ok to speak up for what you believe in, nobody should stay quiet if their is someone threatening you.

Biggest Deeds

The Malala Fund made a long term commitment to girls’ education at CGI. Malala became a global voice for the abducted Nigerian girls. Stated that if she had a gun, and stood in front of the man that shot her in the head, she would not shoot.

Malala showed she was a king when she created the Malala Fund, committing to girl’s education, and when she became a voice for abducted Nigerian girls. These actions showed Malala as a king because they clearly show great leadership qualities. Malala is a voice and leader for young girls and women all over the world. Another action done by Malala that shows her as a king would be when she stated that if she had a gun and was in front of the man who shot her, she would not shoot him. This demonstrates Malala as a king or queen because she is very forgiving and has no hate in her heart. Those characteristics are kingly because they are great for a leader or role model to have.

This link will demonstrate how players will move on the board and go through the instructions with a demo game. (Made with Doceri)

This Presentation was created by Isabella Gonzalez, Isabella Suarez, Jacob Baptiste, Jesse Rivera, Nathalia Castre, Salvatore Greco, Lauren Raudriguez, and Katherine Sarduy

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