Experience Your Music Like Never Before!

Crate: Augmented Reality is the first its kind mobile application. This app allows uses augmented reality technology allowing you to scan the front cover of music albums and will instantly display a three-dimensional video on your device’s screen. The app can recognize different album covers and instantly renders the music video. Our goal is to shine a new light for physical media and other forms of merchandise. (Aktiveight.com)
Crate: Augmented Reality will also launch with features like:
  • Create your own account to track your progress and take your album collection wherever you go
  • Record video and share with your friends
  • Complete challenges to level up your account and discover new music

The benefits of signing up with your album can exponentially increase your album sales, as well as solidifying a deeper connection between you and your fans.

Amazing, (and much needed) state of the art technology to enhance the game of advertising & promotion in the music industry. Highly recommended for new and independent artists looking to expand their audiences and overall exposure. - Chiara Marie (Facebook.com)
What a wonderful app. Can't wait for the new updates! - Jacy Barbee (Facebook.com)

How to use Crate: Augmented Reality

  1. Go to aktiveight.com and install the Crate: Demo into your device
  2. With the app open, find an album that is compatible with Crate (a list of albums are available on our website)
  3. Focus your device's camera over the front cover of the album (make sure there's enough lighting so the app can recognize your album)
  4. Once Crate has recognized your album, you can press the record button (middle button) to record video and save it on your device.
  5. You can look into the Collection by pressing the right button to see the albums you have scanned.

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