The Renaissance By Destine Torres

Marco Polo And the silk road

Races: The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance. The Chinese and romans worked bossiness together. In the story it said that the Chinese and romans had to work business together from about AD 1 to 200.

This is Marco Polo
This is a map of the Silk Road.
This is Marco polo

Italian trade cities - Florence

Medici Family

Greek and roman classical ideas help shape the development of the renaissance. They both have classical writing and Europe thought the writing that the writing was lost forever.

This is that Medici family

Rediscovering the post

How did the finding of Greek and roman classical idea help him art of the renaissance?The renascence are vary similar to the classical art frame the post.The renaissance help loft more like art and education and architecture and banking help trade in life. The e

Leonardo da vinci

The article was about how Leonardo Da Vinci and when he was doing art.


Paper and printing

Paper and printing was the only thing that was in the past so people could see it. Also it is really cool the way how they do it. The way how they make was really interesting.

This are some pictures of morale type Johannes

Renaissance writing

William Shakespeare's writing reflected the ideas of humanis.Humanism believe in worth and potentl and they all have individual. Williams writing affrace such a wide audience because of his writing. willam wrote a poem for hamlet one of the poems are To be or not to be is that a question. The renaissance idea that each human begin is important Shakespeare's compares people to the actors in a play who should be watched with great interest.( Holt 317 ).

These are the two famous worker by The Shakespeare's (To be or not to be is that a question) that is the poem.

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