Notes from the President District Update | April 19, 2020

Hello Falcon Families!

April has certainly been interesting so far! How many of you were playing in the snow on Friday and then enjoying the sun and spring temps yesterday and today? Only in Michigan!

We have implemented our Independent Learning Plan and are excited to see our Falcons engage in learning within this new setting. I want to encourage all of our Falcons to take advantage of the opportunity to continue working on their skills during this time of closure and earn credit for their winter term courses.

Please be aware that our Dean of Students and Academic Coaches will be connecting with our Falcons who have not engaged in learning over the past week. Our plan is to identify issues and barriers that we can support in removing, and to encourage of our students to meet the expectation of learning during this time.

College Preparatory Message

Hello, CP families! I'd like to take this opportunity to let you all know how much I miss seeing your students every day, as well as all of our teachers, Ms. Moe and Mr. Llerena. I sincerely hope you are all safe and well, and coping during this time. I highly encourage ALL CP students to engage and participate to the fullest possible extent in their core classes and Focus Groups each week. It's so important to continue to press on as best you can until we are able to be back together to learn the way we are accustomed to. Teachers are working hard to provide the academic opportunities needed to complete winter term courses and continue to advance in skills for next year. Plus, they really like interacting with you and seeing your faces during Monday FG meetings. It fuels their souls and fills their hearts! If you have any questions, or need any help at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to them, Mr. Llerena or me. We are here to help in any way we possibly can. Take care Falcon families!

- Ms. Holton

Heather Hillman and our College Prep Team have put together a message for our College Prep students to help outline expectations during this time. Please see the button below to review this message.

early college message

Emails have gone out to graduating seniors about outstanding requirements. Due to the recent changes based on COVID-19 executive orders, some students have received different requirements than others, based on where they were in meeting their graduation requirements. Please follow the directions you received from me. If you believe you should have received an email and did not, please reach out to Mrs. Yonnick and me.

Note: these emails apply to students receiving their diplomas this academic year, not 12th-year students participating in commencement this year but staying on for the 5th-year of dual enrollment.

- Mr. Marowelli

Important Reminder About Spring/Summer Dual Enrollment

For the Spring term, dual enrollment is completely optional for students. All college courses will continue to be online, and we recognize that not all students appreciate or feel most comfortable performing in the online course setting. While spring/summer term dual enrollment is optional, we want to ensure that we support our students who are striving for degree completion and will be prioritizing the enrollments of students who are approaching this phase (40+ credits), as well as students who are working on second-admit programs that have very specific deadlines, such as the nursing program. There may be exceptions to this guideline, and if you believe you have a strong reason to continue dual enrollment in the spring term while not meeting those parameters, please email Mrs. Yonnick and Mr. Marowelli for review.

Reminder of Community Resources

Please remember that there are a number of resources available to students and families within the Jackson community.

We will also continue to provide weekly care packages to our families most in need. We know that family needs may change week-to-week. Please know that you can contact our team for support at any time. Please feel free to reach out to any of the following JPEC Admin Staff:

  • Jessica Yonnick - jessica.yonnick@jacksonpec.org
  • Serafin Llerena - serafin.llerena@jacksonpec.org
  • Niki Kish - niki.kish@jacksonpec.org
  • Maureen Fernandez - maureen.fernandez@jacksonpec.org

You may also let any Academic Coach and/or Teacher know about any needs you have.

There are also a number of cell phone providers that are providing access to resources. Please use the button below to access a list of providers and resources.

-Shane A. Malmquist

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