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2017 | Metal

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“You hit the ballot box supporting fools that don't know you exist. — Warfare, healthcare, and your minimum wage. — Call it progressive man, but you're an obedient slave, dang.”


  • Eric July is an owner of Being Libertarian and has a following on YouTube for his comic book culture videos.
  • Fronz is the frontman for Attila, a metal core outfit out of Atlanta Grorgia.
  • Check out some reactions, good job Eric:


Luke Tatum

"Support a politician, sit back and then twiddle his thumbs; Not understanding that you have Stockholm Syndrome." Eric July, frontman for Backwordz, has really done a great service to the cause of liberty. He's supplied a nice fat deck of libertarian lyrics, chock-full of sound logic and unapologetic argumentation. Of the entire Veracity album, one of my favorite lyrics is "The State itself is based on theft and can't be fixed; So realize you own yourself and no one else!" The whole song is about the futility and insanity of the political system. We do the same thing every 4 years, it's always the "most important election of our lifetime," and nothing ever changes. It reminds me in some ways of being an election judge in 2012. I was (shudder) a Republican Precinct Chair at the time. Some seasoned Democrat who had previously run for office a few times was my counterpart. Our job was to verify voters coming in, transport the voting machines, etc. The whole thing was weirdly revered, almost sanctimonious. In the few discussions I had with the Democrat, she asked about my political leanings. I supported Ron Paul, I explained, and her reaction was "Oh, you're a peacenik then." She supports peace too, you understand, but she wasn't an isolationist. She had a more responsible approach to foreign affairs, I was told. It was pretty clear that the conversation wasn't going anywhere, so I just let it die shortly thereafter. But that just goes to show you how blinded people are to viewpoints outside of the "3x5 card." Stockholm Syndrome is all around us.

Sherry Voluntary

If you were to take the whole of libertarian philosophy and start at the outer edge and work your way inward, you would find one right at the very core, and that is the rights to private property. First among them being absolute self ownership. All other principles and concepts are built upon the foundation that each and every individual retains all rights over their own person. Even the Non-Aggression Principle which states that the initiation of force is unethical and always totally immoral and that the only ethical force is reactive and necessary, is bound to self ownership. That a person owns themselves and the fruits of their labor and any acquired property completely is the very reason that no one has the right to tax or take it, no matter what it’s for, no matter how good the cause. This is why the fullness of libertarianism is anarchism. No government, ruler, king, or authority has more claim over yourself than you do. Everything else is off of libertarianism by degree. Like BackWordz says, “So realize you own yourself & no one else.”

Nicky P

Without question, my favorite song by the group. I’ve thrown some shade because it’s really not my style of music but this particular song is as on point as it gets. Sherry and Luke talked pretty well about the songs message so no need for me to belabor it. I really want you to check out how people not within the movement are reacting to what Eric has to say. I think that’s probably more than most of us preaching to the choir. Seriously watch those faces change listening.

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