Henry Ford

Henry was born July 30, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan.

He lived in this farm house.

He was the oldest of 6 kids.

He went to a one room school house until he was 16. He went to college at Detroit Business institute.

When Henry turned 13, he was given a pocket watch. He took the watch apart and put it back together again. He loved fixing watches but not working on the family farm.

When he was 16 he moved to Detroit to work as a mechanic. A mechanic works on cars.

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. But he did invent the first car that the average (not rich) American could afford.

It was called the Model T.

He built a Ford factory to make all the cars. But so many people wanted them, that he tried to figure out how to make them faster.

So he invented the assembly line. The assembly line helped him build Model T's faster and cheaper.

Soon almost every one could afford the Model T.

Henry Ford enjoyed collecting pieces of history.

He put it all in the Henry Ford museum.

Henry Ford died on April 7, 1947. He was 83 years old.

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