The Black Panthers By: Janae Brown

The Black Panther's were a liberation group that fought for black community control and enforced black nationalism as whole. (Duncan)
Newton and Seale created the BPP in 1966, which was just a year after Martin Luther King marched in Selma. (Carnagie)
The main goal for the BPP was to put an end to police brutality in black neighborhoods. (Duncan)
One "Survival Tactic" that the BPP would lead as the Free Breakfast for Children program (for everyone). They'd give out over 20,000 meals weekly in several black neighborhoods. (Trodd)
They also were a huge help for the realization of black beauty and female empowerment (specifically for black girls). This created lots of trends in the black community and attracted more teenagers and young adults. (Workneh)
The main goal, of protecting blacks from police, was accomplished but it resulted in lots of death. (GALILEO)
Back in the 60's, The BPP was well known as a Marxist group. Sometimes people would accuse the Black Panther's of being terrorists/communist but that's completely incorrect. (Duncan)

The BPP were NOT Marxist because they did NOT want to overthrow America. They were only armed for self protection and never had intentions of promoting terror.

The BPP eventually ended in 1989.

I personally believe that the BPP did help the Civil Rights Movement and did bring justice to African Americans.

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