The Mindless Destruction of Millennials

Many Millennials strive to maintain good health.

However, they so often are careless about finding a proper balance of animal products and plant-based foods.
Many young people decide that they will change their eating habits later, but time passes quickly, and destructive consequences manifest themselves before people realize just how quickly time has passed.

The regular consumption of animal products - specifically red meat - can lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and early death.

Many people ask questions such as, "How can young adults possibly maintain good health if they do not eat meat?"

Plenty of great non-meat sources of protein exist!



and tofu, which really is not as bad many people have made it seem, are all incredible sources of protein.

Dietary supplements can also help to provide nutrients some people are afraid they do not receive from a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The most important thing a Millennial could do to ensure he or she is receiving proper nutrients is to speak with a general physician or a nutritionist.

Completely eliminating animal products from a young person's diet can be extremely hard, especially in today's culture.

Simply cutting back on meat, dairy, and eggs can make a HUGE positive impact on the human body!


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