Ellie Hulun's Weekly Headlines Nov 27th - Dec 3rd


On Sunday I attend an Armenian church service with the family. This is while we were still in Charlotte NC because there are no Armenian churches in SC that we know of.

After the service I received my Christmation. This is a sacrament done in the Armenian church and it is called “droshm” or “knounk”, which means “seal”. During this sacrament parts of the body are blessed/granted special graces while being anointed with holy muron (anointing oil).

A quick history lesson...

The church holds a special reverence for the continuity factor of the oil. According to tradition, a portion of the Holy Anointing Oil of Exodus 30, which Moses and Aaron had blessed, still remained in Jesus' time. Jesus Christ blessed this oil and then gave some of it to Thaddeus, who took the holy oil to Armenia and healed King Abkar of a terrible skin disease by anointing him with the holy oil. Saint Thaddeus is said to have buried a bottle of the Holy Anointing Oil in Daron under an evergreen tree. Saint Gregory the Illuminator discovered the hidden treasure and mixed it with muron that he had blessed. It is said that “To this day, whenever a new batch of muron is prepared and blessed, a few drops of the old one go into it, so that the Armenian muron always contains a small amount of the original oil blessed by Moses, Jesus Christ, and Gregory the Illuminator.”

The Holy Muron is composed of olive oil and forty-eight aromas and flowers. The remaining portion of the previous blessed holy oil is poured into the newly prepared oil during the blessing ceremony and passes the blessing from generation to generation. It is said that this very procedure has been followed for nearly 1700 years. The Catholicos of all Armenians in Etchmiadzin combines a new mixture of Holy Muron in the cauldron every seven years using a portion of the holy muron from the previous blend.

So that's pretty cool that I've been blessed with Holy Oil that Jesus himself has blessed!

Father Samuel at St. Sarkis blessed me with the special oil on several parts of my body.

  • Forehead: “Sweet ointment in the name of Jesus Christ is poured upon you as a seal of incorruptible heavenly gifts.”
  • Eyes: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ may enlighten your eyes that you may never sleep unto death.”
  • Ears: “This holy anointing be unto you for the hearing of the divine commandments.”
  • Nose: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be to you a sweet smell from life unto life.”
  • Lips: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be for you a guardian for your mouth and a strong door for your lips.”
  • Hands: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be to you a cause for charity and for all virtuous deeds and behavior.”
  • Heart: “This divine seal may confirm in you a pure heart and renew within you an upright spirit.”
  • Back: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be to you a shield of strength thereby to quench all the fiery darts of the Evil.”
  • Feet: “This divine seal of God may direct your steps unto life everlasting that you may not be shaken.”

Afterwards we did what we do best... EAT! We had a nice lunch with the family and Father Samuel.

Oh Christmas Tree

On Wednesday we decorated our Christmas tree. Well, Mommy did most of the work but I helped. I got to put on my "baby's 1st Christmas" ornament that Grandpa Ace and Grandma Goldie got for me.

There it is... my 1st ornament

It's so pretty!

I did it! It's on the tree in one piece.

The finished product.

On Saturday Mommy and Daddy even got me my own little Christmas tree for my room. I love all the colors. I enjoy reading my new holiday book "Eight Jolly Reindeer" next to it. Well Mommy reads it as I listen and look at the pictures 😊.

Look at my beautiful tree
My little Christmas trees makes me smile
Reading my favorite holiday book next to the tree. Ps. I highly recommend the book "Eight Jolly Reindeer". It's a great read. You'll thank me for the recommendation ... Maybe I should start a book club???

Fantasy of Lights

On Thursday we attended Sumter's Fantasy of Lights at Swan Lake. There was a nice musical presentation and then they flipped the switch and all the colorful lights came on!

Let the festivities begin!

Enjoying the musical performances

More music... when are they going to turn on the lights?

It was taking a little while so I needed a snack!

Oh wow... Look at all the lights!

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So this baby got to visit Santa! I sat on Santa's lap and had my picture taken with him. I was not able to tell him what I wanted as I can not talk yet but Mom and Dad put in a good word for me with the big man. Also I've been an extra good girl, so I'm sure Santa will bring me something nice 😊.

Look! It's really Santa.

That Santa is one silly man

Daddy told Santa he wants a million bucks. I don't know if santa has bucks, but I do know he has reindeer... but only 8.

Not So Solid

So on Friday I had my 4 month check up. I weight 14.04oz. Doc said everything looks good and told mommy to go ahead and start me on solid food. Then he sent in the nurse to give me 2 shots! I thought I was all done when the Doctor walked out but no! Smart on his part because now that nurse is enemy #1.

I was excited to hear that I could start having solid food. I see all the yummy things Mommy and Daddy eat and I was so ready to taste some of it. However what I got was not so solid! It was this white mush... I don't know if you can count mush as a solid??? I think they called it oatmeal. Not sure what oatmeal is, Daddy says he eats it for breakfast but mine did not look like his. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good. I think I will stick with the milk and then maybe next time Mommy and Daddy will offer me something tastier.

What's that?



Do I have something on my face?

I don't know about that...

Check Out the video

More Pics From This Week...

Enjoying some tv time with Daddy... this does not look like Mickey Mouse Club House.

Enjoying some tummy time

I can roll on to my tummy a lot now. I sometimes forget that I can roll back on to my back though.

All smiles 😊

Chilling with my toys
Does my head make this bow look big?
Santa Baby
My furry sister Hayden hanging out with me...

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