Rhetorical Analysis BY Mara Fredenberg

President trump

Audience: American people of manhattan, new york.

MEssage: Trump's Financial plan and remarks on unemployent

Donald Trumps main message was his plan on how to fix unemployment and restore an equal taxing system. He proposes to bring back millions of jobs by bringing back industries to the US. He is a big business man from New York so he was able to gain credentials.

Strongest devices

  • Physical/ Factual Evidence: Donald Trump uses a lot of factual evidence with numbers and statistics.
  • Ex. "A married couple earning $50,000 per year with two children and $8,000 in child care expenses will save 35% from their current tax bill."
  • Credentials: Pres. Trump has experience with making money and plans to use that to restore our economy.
  • Ex. "I have seen the goodness and character of our country, and brave citizens proudly fighting through hard times and difficult circumstances.

worst fallacies

  • Name calling/ Ad Hominem: Donald Trump attacks his opponent's moral to weaken their argument.
  • Ex. "My opponent's plan rejects this optimism. She offers only more taxing, regulating, more spending and more wealth distribution.
  • Assertion: Trump makes a claim without proof backing him him up.
  • Ex. "Remember what Hillary Clinton said? She wants to shut down the miners, just like she wants to shut down the steel mills"

Overall, based on my observations, this speech was effective due to his credentials and evidence however, lacked the quality of proper claims.

Hillary Clinton



The central message in Clinton's speech was to address the situation of degradation for not only people of color but women. She empowered those who listened to her speak and gave insight to a promising future in return for a vote. She gave many short stories and was able to relate to the audience well.


  • Anecdote/ Short Story: Hillary used this to relate to and capture the attention of the audience through relatable stories.
  • Ex. "And you, your daughters, your granddaughters leave the house every morning, put on that game face that we all practice, and enter a society that consistently challenges your worth. Yet you remain fierce in the face of these challenges."
  • Repetition: Clinton uses repetition to emphasize key points of her speech and to make a greater impact of these words.
  • Ex. "You are the change makers, the path breakers, and the ground shakers."

Worst fallacies

  • Name Calling/ Ad Hominem: Attacks the morals of Trump especially with his scandals in the past displaying extreme racism.
  • Ex. "And we know who Donald is. For five years, he has led the birther movement to de-legitimize our first black president. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie."
  • Assertion: Hillary Clinton makes claims with little to no evidence supporting her plans or how she plans to execute them once in office.
  • Ex. "We'll fight for the entrepreneur who said that more businesses die in the parking lots of banks than anywhere else which is why were going to increase access to capital and we are going to help African American women continue to represent the fastest growing segment of women owned businesses in America right now."

Overall, With hillary clinton's relateability and diction throughout her speech, It can be said that it was convincing. However, it needed more evidence to back up claims and less attacks on the opponent.


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