What we did in Erasmus+ Portugal 2017 Photos album

Our first morning!
Dancing Chappie!
We are happy!
A visit to the grandmas shop!
A trip to Vila Verde!
The day 1 happy ending!
Everybody in day 2!
Tired in the morning!
Typical day at work!
Super Succes is comming so save the day!
Science school!
Beautiful Porto!
Romantic lovers ( 18+)!
Early in the morning! Day 3
Meeting with Vila Verde mayer!
Back at school (noooo)!
Learning romanian!
Teaching spanish!
Braga from above!
Day 4 and excited to learn polish!
Teaching latvian!
Speaking in front of everyone!
Reciving critics like in X-factor!
A bit to excited for canoing!
Getting wet!
Thank you for the beautiful time spent in Portugal!

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