Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Chase Owens

Nature on Display

Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden was the most naturally appealing exhibit. It was extremely peaceful and quiet, the butterflies didn't have any hesitation to land next to you. Clearly no fear of humans, a beautifully constructed garden. The Thing that caught my eye most was not only the abundance of butterflies but the variety of colors and kinds. What i saw relating to the natural world is that the butterflies did all they did without letting a human interfere where as we may feel we are important it is, in a sense, humbling to see a butterfly treat you as just another object. You would be able to appreciate the butterfly and nature in all its glory through a painting or picture, its only fitting to experience rather than look at nature.

Nature and Ethics

I feel that the excavated and recovered remains of animals serve more of a historical purpose than they are beneficial to the environment. I feel that it is a perfect non example of Leopold's belief of love, respect, and admiration of the land. The irony of placing this in a museum when the means in which it was recovered is that of destroying landscapes to dig for remains. It gave me the feeling that the Museum is not really for the glory that is nature rather than it is a testament to the dangerous curiosity of humanity. Other patrons of the Museum seemed to look a it with the same curiosity that likely drives us to excavate things in the first place. The artwork showed me a reality about our view of our ethical obligation and how loosely we interpret them.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Museum had a very interesting Native-American exhibit. I think that it had the best relation of humans to nature and the way we are supposed to treat nature. It helped me to step out of my normal life and better appreciate all that nature does for us. I facilitates not only our lives but also all of the damage we have done to the earth. Nature is both forgiving and merciful. For the damage we have done to the environment, there really hasn't been a lot of immediate repercussions. It helps me to better understand how we impact nature as well as how spiritually connected individuals have a much tighter code when it pertains to our environment.

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