Florida Museum of Natural History By: Hannah Hallman

Nature on Display

I found the portion of the museum that displayed the frog exhibit to be particularly interesting. The layout of the exhibit was appealing because you had to enter through an archway that divided it from the rest of the museum. Once I crossed through the entrance, the room itself contrasted greatly from the rest of the museum; the exhibit was dark while the lobby was bright and open. In the dark room there were numerous tanks holding frogs. Each tank was illuminated with a light, making the viewer focus all of their attention on the frog. The way in which the frogs were displayed allowed me to see them living in their "natural habitat", or at least what they would look like if they were in the wild. Typically when I see a frog, I pay it little to no attention or try to avoid. In this circumstance, the exhibit caused me to take the time to observe each frog and distinguish the differences between the species.

Nature and Ethics

Nature and the Human Spirit

The area of the museum with the butterfly exhibit allowed me to appreciate nature. When I entered the sectioned off area, I was completely transfixed to a new dimension. Although this area was created my man, it captures what an undisturbed landscape would look like. After viewing this, I have a desire to preserve nature. Ethically, I feel like nature should remain undisturbed.

This exhibit transfixed me out of my daily life because it set me back hundreds of years ago to when Florida was undeveloped. The layout of the exhibit involved caverns and open grasslands, depicting how Florida once was. The unknown associated with the undeveloped land created an air of mystery. When land becomes developed, it loses its connection to nature and the mystery associated with the natural world; less animals and other lifeforms tend to live in developed land. The exhibit allowed me to understand who we once were because there were models of human beings and the living conditions that they once experienced.

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