GOALS by Serena Contreras


  • By the end of next semester, I will earn all A's from every class I have. To achieve this goal I will do my best on every assignment I get. Furthermore, I will submit each assignment I have completed. Also I will free up time to do homework at home. Why I want to achieve this goal is so my GPA looks outstanding for different colleges.
  • Another goal of mine is to pass every test with at least a C or better. To achieve this goal I will study before each test. I will also spend extra time doing reviews and doing all my homework. To add on, I will also make sure I understand each lesson I do in class.
  • I will earn at least a B on all my finals. To prepare for this I will look back on each test I did in the semester and recognize my mistakes. Then I will look up certain topics in each class I am struggling with.
  • I will be attending WestMec for veterinarian sciences. To be accepted into WestMec I will be working on my overall GPA. I will also strive to look outstanding for an upcoming interview for WestMec. If I achieve this goal I will be one step closer to starting my career as a veterinary physician.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

― Albert Einstein


  • I will graduate high school with a honors diploma by passing all my classes with at least an A or a B. To achieve this I will focus all my time on school. If I achieve this goal I will be able to receive a scholarship to ASU.
  • I will be attending a college by having a diploma from high school. For the college or the university I will have all the requirements needed. To reach the requirements I will have a 3.0 or higher GPA.
  • I will reach all the requirements to earn a scholarship for a university. By earning the scholarship I will keep up my GPA from high school. I will also do my best on joining different types of clubs to make me well rounded for a scholarship.
  • I will pass WestMec with a Veterinary science experience. I will study for WestMec each day. I will focus in class during WestMec. I will keep up with school work as I'm attending WestMec.


  • I will be attending a college for my education in veterinarian science. The reason why I want to achieve this is to further my knowledge in science for my future career.
  • I will have a car from the money I saved from my job. The reason why I want to achieve this is because nowadays if you don't have a car you won't get anywhere.
  • I will go to San Diego, California with the money I have saved up from my job. The reason why is my other goal is to be living in California in the future. Also by going to California just to visit I can get a visual on what it is going to be like.
  • I will go on vacation with my friends and family. To achieve this I will save up money everyday from my job. The reason why I want to do this is because it's also important to free up time to spend with friends and family.


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