Changing The Game Doomsday D-Hop 75

The Doomsday D-Hop 75 is made from the lowest density material used in the industry. Dura Foam™ is soft yet durable, extremely buoyant but still heavy. These all sound like polar opposites and normally they would be but after 3 years of development and testing Dura Foam™ was born.

So why is all of this important? How will this change the way you fish?

The two biggest issues with normal hollow bodied frog baits is that they fill with water, have horrifying hookup ratios and can only be used on the surface.

With the invention of Dura Foam™ and the development of the D-Hop 75, Doomsday Tackle Co. has fixed all of those issues.

The D-Hop 75 is a solid body frog. It is not hollow bodied. Traditional solid body frog baits do not float a large hook because of the density of the material.

The D-Hop 75 will float any hook. It will also float up to an additional 1/8oz of weight. Due to the fact it is solid it is impossible for it to fill with water.

Hollow body frogs must use softer material to help with the low hook up performance. They also must use double hooks in order to make the bait wide enough to float.

The D-Hop utilizes a single hook system that allows the angler to use their favorite hook. A single hook has two benefits. 1. Pivot point; a single hook pivots in place in the fishes mouth not giving them a place to gain leverage. 2. Hook release; since it is a single hook on the hook set the bait is free to slide up the line and improve hook up ratios.

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