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Part I: Mission & product overview:

HeliumIQ is a community management software company providing solutions for regions seeking to leverage technology for the betterment of their entrepreneurial community.

First, to better understand HeliumIQ, imagine a platform with the look and feel of LinkedIn, but with similarities to Angie’s List.

Like LinkedIn, a HeliumIQ regional platform is both professional and social; and like Angie’s List, it’s designed to foster introductions to the resources that matter most to the end-user.

HeliumIQ differs from LinkedIn in that it regionalizes opportunities, resources, and connections within a given geographic region. This blocks out the digital noise that frustrates so many users.

HeliumIQ differs from Angie’s List in that it intelligently aligns entrepreneurs, not homeowners, to things like local professional service providers, investment capital, events, office space, and more.

Part II: What is a HeliumIQ region & why is it branded as DelawareIQ?

It all starts with creating and launching a HeliumIQ region with sub-communities within.

Regions interested in HeliumIQ are often those looking to centralize the many moving parts of a regional ecosystem to better forward economic development.

WATCH: Our Common Cause

Each HeliumIQ region, from small-to-large, gets unique branding while utilizing the HeliumIQ technology. We call this regional white-labeling.

No two regions are branded the same. Each region has their own homepage, member login, and server space. HeliumIQ will even customize a HeliumIQ region to fit regional goals.

Regions call be small to large. One example is statewide regions. An example is the Delaware Region who is branding the HeliumIQ platform as DelawareIQ (www.delawareiq.com).

Another example is Pennsylvania’s Bucks County, deploying the HeliumIQ software branded as BucksIQ (www.bucksiq.com).

Part III:What are regional sub-communities?

WATCH: Sub-communities within an open HeliumIQ region

Sub-communities within a HeliumIQ region can range in titles that reflect a private organization that oversees it, such as the name of a university, or created to support industry specific sub-communities.

(Left: www.delawareiq.com homepage with login portal. Right: user-view of DelawareIQ with four sub-communities titles for regional industry of focus.

With the Delaware Region as our example, they have decided to invest in four industries and will maintain each industry as a sub-community within the DelawareIQ region. These sub-communities, focused on centralizing a specific industry within the region, are:

Part IV: Who does DelawareIQ? impact?

WATCH: Optimize Your Online Community

Three main stakeholders are positively impacted by launching a regional HeliumIQ network in Delaware (branded as DelawareIQ):

  • regional leaders focused on economic development,
  • community administrators who oversee entrepreneurial sub-communities within a HeliumIQ region, and;
  • the end-user. Those such as entrepreneurs, investors, students, professional service providers, or just those looking to expand their professional network, share, and connect.

REGIONAL LEADERS: For regional leaders, HeliumIQ is building in metric tracking and benchmark reporting to understand trends and behaviors important to regional understanding and decision making.

SUB-COMMUNITY ADMINISTRATORS: For the entrepreneurial sub-communities within a region...community administrators don’t just get a new online resource, they also adopt a powerful tool that improves upon how manage and engage their communities.

Sub-communities within a region can range from higher education, to co-working communities, and any entrepreneurial support organization in between. Even industries, such as those a region wants to focus on, can be broken out into sub-communities within a region.

The best part, sub-communities are housed and operate together on one HeliumIQ region introducing a new way to cross-pollinate entrepreneurial resources, more easily share opportunities like jobs or internship posting, networking events, as well as a way to better handoff graduating members from one sub-community to another within a region.

END-USERS & COMMUNITY MEMBERS: End-users all share accounts within one-another starting within the broader, all-encompassing region. Users can join one, or several, entrepreneurial sub-communities within a given HeliumIQ region. An example is a student graduating having been a user in a university sub-community. That user can begin exploring region-wide activity on the platform, but also join up with communities looking to recruit more members and/or offer entrepreneurial resources to those looking to apply.

Part V: Timeline and rollout sequence

Part V: What else makes HeliumIQ unique?

When someone needs something, a mentor, a co-founder, an employee or intern, investment capital, local office space, introductions or referrals, or just some plain ol’ fashion advice from someone local who knows the scoop, the team behind HeliumIQ provides dedicated support for each region.

Via our live-online chat and concierge service, HeliumIQ can help serve a region of users interactive guidance ranging from advice on finding the right service provider to help with company filing instructions.

Part VI: Closing Summary

The Delaware Region’s future home for entrepreneurship is white-label branded as DelawareIQ and aims to be the primary online community for entrepreneurship and centralized connectivity in the Delaware Region.

The creation, and launch, of DelawareIQ is supported by First State Innovation, Univ of Delaware’s Horn Entrepreneurship, Delaware Business Roundtable, and economic development within our City and State government.

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