Florida Museum of Natural History with Isabella Shanle

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Rainforest was my favorite exhibit from the museum. I have always loved the grace and elegance of butterflies, and the outdoor screened in area is like a little slice of heaven. The tropical, floral plants and running waterfalls are all over the area. Besides butterflies they also house small birds, lizards, and coy fish. Back in my home town, we have butterfly exhibit as well, and I often go with people who come to visit. Maybe it was this friendly little reminder that I loved so much.

A portion of the butterfly exhibit! (more to come in the next sections)

I even made it in time for the butterfly release at 2 p.m.! I was able to hear a bit more about the butterflies, for example they have thousands of tiny delicate scales that help them fly.

A butterfly taking a rest!

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum gave me the chance to experience nature and its history in the ways Leopold recommends. Believe it or not, when I started walking through the replica nature exhibits, like the cave for instance, I actually jumped at the sight of the fake snakes and bats on the ceiling as if it were real.

A snapshot from the cave that freaked me out.

As much as the displays were historical, they were also works of art. Every scene was planned out to the smallest details which was very cool. Many people enjoyed their new frog exhibit, and many pictures were taken.

Poison Dart Frogs: super cute but deadly!

The ability to press buttons, hear sounds, and look through microscopes made the experience more enjoyable, and younger kids loved pressing the buttons.

A microscope from the ocean exhibit.

The experience did not instill an ethical responsibility to nature in me. If you read the tiny print where they explain the endangerment and environmental risks, you may be thinking differently. I am not one to read into fine print so this did not effect me.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History museum allows you to step out of your daily lives into environmental replicas that are very intriguing. There are so many different life forms depending on a particular environment to live. Some are life forms we can't even see. The earth is huge and it is crazy to think we don't even occupy all of it as humans. It truly makes you realize the majesty of the universe.

Interacting with the ocean exhibit.
Cool little guy
New friend :)

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